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Full Version: An Analogy I Thought Of
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After watching Mr. Snaffleburger several times, I thought of this. Reminds me for some reason of the Mcdonalds CEO, or Bill Gates, CEO of microsoft(like anybody needed to know that). I think it's clever, but then again I wrote it at midnight because I couldn't fall asleep. Here goes:

Big Brother corporation is a puppetmaster. The "Trendoids" are the puppets. At first it seems that the pupet is moving on its own. Then you can see the strings, and it seems the strings are controlling the trendoids. These "strings" are the media. But after thorough investigation, you can tell that even the Media have a master, or Big Brother. So, through the media, Big Brother is controlling the "trendoids".

Another meaningless saying by Ferrucio.
You need to read into Gramsci's (I think, if my memory serves me well) theory of hegemony. Just replace "Big Brother" with bourgeoise or capitalists and "trendoids" with proletariat, and that's it in a nutshell.
And then look up all those new words in the dictionary tongue.gif
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