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Full Version: Apparently My Router Has Issues
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I wasn't able to connect to the internet so I spent a good twenty minutes on the phone with tech support and after many cord-yankings and restarts it was determined that my router was the cause of the problem. So I have the broadband modem connected straight to the computer instead of through the router. I'd sort of like to get my router working again so I can use my other computer on the internet, so what...uh...should I do? Do I go to the store and say " router is sick"? wacko.gif Please help, I'm stupid. tongue.gif
What kind of router do you have?
Linksys Wireless-B 2.4 GHz Broadband.
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Not that I know jack about computers but - have you got any firewalls that may be intefering? When we were unable to get our router working it turned out that it wasn't getting on with Zone Alarm so we just disabled it and the router was fine.
QUOTE (gothictheysay @ Aug 14 2004, 01:40 PM)
Linksys Wireless-B 2.4 GHz Broadband.

Huh, mine's an Actiontec so I don't think I can help you there. Snuggle is right about the firewalls, check that out, and if that doesn't work maybe you should consider taking it in. I'm no techie, though, so I defer to the judgment of others - where's Fuzzy when you need him?
I don't believe so - our firewall has never had a problem with the router, but thanks smile.gif

edit: yes, Fuzzy needs a 24-hour help line...thank you both
Mr Fuzzy
Did I read my name? tongue.gif

As it so happens I've recently gone wireless with a Linksys router.

When it is connected does your computer see it at all? What lights are showing on it, and which ones are flashing? Do you have WPA/WEP set up on it? What is your computer using to connect - built in, PCI card, or one of those nasty little USB wireless adaptors?
I've never dealt with wireless on my own computer, but I've never had a problem with non-wireless routers. I have, however, had to deal with the schools wireless which seems to be down a good amount and constantly needs tweaking.

But yes, what Fuzzy said..

Does the computer detect it and is the proper software installed? Lights etc. etc.

Fuzzy covered it all so I'll just leave now.
When it is connected does your computer see it at all? What lights are showing on it, and which ones are flashing?

The computer recognizes it. The light on the back of the computer that shows internet connection lights up. On the front of the router, the Power, Wireless-B, and Ethernet lights are on, as is the Internet. That's when everything is plugged in as it usually is - the blue cord connected to the router connected to the back of the computer, and the grey cord hooked up to the modem connected to the router (the grey would be the ethernet cable). Now I have the ethernet cable plugged right into the computer. As for WPA/WEP, I haven't a clue. blush.gif
first of all check access to the router from your pc (via
then (if applicable) check access to another pc through the router (check the switch is functioning correctly)...
check that the router is set up with all the connection details of your isp.
and check that it has the correct mac address cloned..
check that nothing is stupidly forwarded to the wrong place..
and that no ip ranges are filtered (for testing only)...

Tell me whichj step you fail on and I'll tell you whats wrong and how to correct.. (even if its get a RMA)

A little more information would also be helpful..

Brand and model of modem.. ISP... if you use the wireless funtions at all... which model router you have... what firmware revision its running... anything else you think could be of use...
blush.gif Well, my father called up someone to check it out, and despite the fact I had reset it several times, it didn't work until *he* reset it. Thanks for all the help though; I'm sure it'll come in handy in the future...seeing as this isn't the first time I've had router trouble.
the linky can be a bit of trouble locking up and requiring a hard reset.. but generally it ain't that bad equipment...

owned by cisco nowadays.. still got the same firmware writing chimps thou..
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