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Full Version: Super Spiffy Belt Buckle
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So I was in this summer program in July, right. And I took a metals class, and our first assignment was to make a belt buckle. So when I got back to my dorm room, I was going oh god, ideas....ideas..... and wondering exactly what I could put on a belt buckle and still be able to wear it. So while I'm thinking, I'm unpacking my clothes, and suddenly I come across my stash of matazone shirts and go whoa! I should make a Mr. Snaffleburger belt buckle and then 1) impress everyone with my amazing (new found) metal working skills and 2) use it to convert more matazonians!

So after two and a half weeks of work on it, I finally finished! (Then eventually I got home, scanned it, and found a site to host it with) And now: The Mr. Snaffleburger belt buckle

Mind you, too much sweat and frustration went into this for me to part with it. So what everyone ought to do is convince Mata that this would be really nifty for him to mass produce and sell to everyone else. laugh.gif

It occured to me that I ought to have braved the creepy basement computer lab at my summer program and asked before borrowing Mr. Snaffleburger and I really hope Mata doesn't hunt me down and hang me by my toenails for it or something else equally painful. unsure.gif ::insert me begging for mercy here::
Oooh, impressive. Me likey.
Oooh lovely! Truly a piece of art there! biggrin.gif I'm jealous.
I think that until you start manufacturing and selling these, it comes under the heading of 'fan art', as opposed to 'infringment of copyright'. So I think Mata will have no probelm with it.
Twitching ... that is an unbelievably fabulous job there ... the metals, the shapes, the slightly rough-shod angle to it. If it also helps close a belt, then it's perfect ... Very impressed ... I assume its not 2 feet wide, right?

edited to stop calling you a 'he' and to add:

You are hereby on the shortlist for 'Forumite most likely to star in "Flashdance II - This time she's got an angle grinder"


edited one last time to add:

The only problem Mata will have with that is that he'll want one
That's pretty darned spiffy there.
That truly is fantastic. I'm mightily impressed.

Jon's spot-on, things that are one-offs for fun and not profit are fine by me.
Mata - yay for not being lynched! laugh.gif

Pab - it's roughly 10 cm or about 4 inches long. the picture size is just weird tongue.gif
so the teeth and the eyes an everything were unbelievable small. had to cut them all out with a hand saw, and i kept dropping them and having to look for them. I just have to find the right belt to stick it on.

An i'd make Mata one if he wanted, except i haven't got access to the lovely blowtorches and saws and such anymore, since my summer program ended and they made us all go home. dry.gif

biggrin.gif thanks to everyone else for replying and being all excited about it as i am.
Twitching, your belt buckle is soo cool. It reminds me of the plaques that you see on walls for official openings and the like of buildings. yay, go you smile.gif
You had to use a hand saw to make circles?

The eye is a bit dodgy, but I haven't seen Mr SB in a while but the rest is v. good, especially those teeth.
Mutilation - yeah, they never showed us how to use any other kinds of saws. I swear i must have broken close to twenty blades cutting everything out. The eyes went all dodgy because the one without the eyelid should have had a bigger, oval pupil, but i got lazy and just drilled it instead of drilling and then trying to make it into an oval. And the space between the other eye and its eyelid would have been smaller, except it shifted when i was soldering it all together and i got lazy and decided that i could live with it not being quite perfect. tongue.gif If we're nitpicking it, i'll point out that i stamped a S and a N upside down too. laugh.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
That is just so darn cool. I wish I had one o' those.
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