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I'm really upset no one noticed my LOOK OUT. Henry Rollins... whadda guy.

Well, not a heck of a lots happened this week, so I'm going to devote it to finding out how many of you guys are at uni as well/staying away from home due to work or education etc. So get posting. Or else. I'll keep writing silly short sentences. Just to annoy you. All. Ha! Ha!
Cath Sparrow
Been there, done that, got the extortionate debt!
Now on the next stage of pretending to be grown up with a proper job! wacko.gif
Had to quit Clemson University because of health problems. Am going to try for Washington State University next summer or fall. Whichever one, depending upon whether or not I make the requirements for in-state tuition.

I am also approximately 3000 miles away from everything and everyone I grew up with. Does that count?

Short sentences are annoying, Tara. Make with the juicy details!
Quoth(The Raven)
Been to university. Bombed out, due to stress, and working when I wasn't in school, or sleeping... Been to two Vocational schools... Same deal. Went back to the university... You guessed it. Some of us aren't meant for higher education, I'm afraid... and I have the debts to prove it. Currently, I'm out of work, due to declining health, due to... You guessed it...Stress! I am now learning to deal with Chronic depression and stress, which I should have done decades (And thousands of dollars) ago.

I'm only going to say this once, so I hope she's reading... But Goddess bless Cath, for showing me that I can blow off tension by acting like a loon, in this forum. Kind of a left handed compliment, but there you go... laugh.gif
Fallen Element
Hey! I just started first year at Dundee Uni, studying English, History and Philosophy. Moved away from home because I figured travelling each and every day would be a bit tiresome. And, well, I hate my father. So, y'know, it all worked out quite well for me!

I just have to stop spending all of money on books and muffins from Millies Cookies... Evil!

Fal xXx
Quoth(The Raven)
Hey, Tara, where are you? We need another update! laugh.gif
I'm right here, but nothing else exciting has happened so far. I could let you all know just how tedious maths is, but I'm sure you dont want to know that at all. I guess I could tell you that Flash has developed its very own ghost personality...
I've been on every computer in the labs and it wont start up at all. Everything else other than flash works fine, but it doesn't. Why, I hear you ask? Because the first animation I ever (almost - didn't get it finished) made was entitled "flash sucks". there. Malicious little bastage, innit?
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