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i started school today. i drank a diet coke and a cup of coffee before even leaving the house. and ohhh man am i tired........ *yawn* it was really boring and i had a lot of classes with people i dont like so i wasnt too happy. but i will survive.
The Friday of the first week (last Friday) I came home and passed out. I slept though the night and well into noon on Saturday. I say, to HELL with waking up at 6 a.m.! Gah.
Heh, today was my first day of school. It was fun.... but I feel like.... stupid.... not like crap or sh!t or anything like that.... I just feel stupid. I'm not going to talk. Grr.

I can say I didnt get lost though. Yay for me
That must truly be a feat; I was got lost the day of final exams. We scatter-brained folk aren't great with spatial relations, you know.
Oh my school is set up really weird. The halls go in one big circle with classrooms on the outside..... then it has blocks on the inside full of four classrooms each.... so you'll be walking down the outside hall and be looking at the room numbers like 1121 1122 1123 1124 11136.... and you flip out WHERED THE OTHER ONES GO!?! *runs to teacher* WHere's this room? *points down hall you just stopped at* x.X; Its insane. I hate it. Today was my second day and I was late to all my classes except the last one because the last one was right next to the one I had before, therefore impossible to get lost going to tongue.gif

Today was bad I hated it compared to yesterday, but overall I feel better than I did yesterday.... I think its just because I'm feeling better tonight and last night was bad.... so it should be equeal....

I have to go write a last minute book report. Yay for me.

How'd everyones school days go?
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Mine haven't even started yet. But my school's layout is confusing too... there's so many twists and turns. I heard that the building used to be an old silent movie studio. ph34r.gif
OH thats cool. lol. I'm still confused at my schools layout, its crazy the way they numbered the rooms....
Okay, I'm going to take advantage of your offer to rant about my school days.

First, our school is over crowded. That's not too unusual. We have abuot 10 trailors set up outside the school as extra class rooms, the hallways are ALWAYS PACKED to the pointe where admins come out of their little holes to yell, "STAY ON THE RIGHT, STAY ON THE RIGHT! GIRLS, DON'T STOP AND TALK, KEEP MOOOOVING KEEP MOOOVING GIRLS! STAY TO THE RIGHT!" while their fat a**es are taking up space themselves. The freshmen, who have no idea of the mechanics in my school hallways, like to stand in 5 person horizontal lines, so that no one can pass through... in the middle of the hallway with like 6 feet between them and the people ahead. MOVE! GO! MOOOOOOOOOOOOVE! Always crowded, always touching four other people. Ick.

Moving on. We have 4 floors, the basement, the first, second and third (not counting the trailors in the front yard). Between 6th and 7th period I have to go from the third floor, down 4 flights of steps (because that's how it works), which are just as crowded as the hallways, and to the "new wing" which is some off shoot of the first floor thatkind of curles in on itself. I can literally not be any further away from 7th period from 6th period. I must get there in FIVE minutes. It is impossible. I haven't made it on time yet.

Moving on. We have 5 lunch shifts. I'm in C lunch, which is the most crowded, with what I would say is a little more than 1/4 of the school in it. When the Senior Courtyard is closed, people (namely me) have to sit on the floor. And eat. On the floor. Ick. The hil-a-ri-ous thing about it is that B and E lunch have about 100 kids in them... with empty tables and floor room to spare. Makes perfect sense, right?

Moving on. The third floor, or the science floor, is being renovated because it's abuot 20 years past due for that sort of thing. Which means that out of 12 classrooms on the 3rd floor, two are out of commission (gutted) for 4 months. Those classes have to work in an extra trailor set up this year just for them. Except once a week they use MY CHEMISTRY ROOM (being the only room with a lab still intact) so I am herded off to a trailor anywhere from 1-3 days a week for chemistry. HAHAHAHAHAHA... chemistry is my 6th period class, the one on the literal opposite side of the school from 7th period, so instead of muscling through hallways, I have to get from OUTSIDE back into the school building and to the new wing, curl to the very last classroom in its spiral (7th period) 2 minutes late and cursing. Grrr.
Our rooms go like this... 101, 102, 103, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 16, 17, 24, 22, 205, 204, 203, 219, 221, 220, 222, fish.
Why do people complain about having 4 floors when I have to walk down 3 flights of stairs, outside, along two roads, through the front, along a hall, up around 5 STAIRCASES and then one final flight of stairs until I reach the ICT suite.
I wasn't complaining about that, I was complaining about having to get through it all in 5 minutes. Hell, I'm HAPPY we only have 4 floors.
Acid your school sounds like crap. Haha. I have two floors, a couple thousand students and umm.... err.... 6 minutes between classes. I feel lucky. ^^;
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Tomorrow's my first day! I'm nervous and excited... I the last on Matazone to start school? huh.gif
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