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Full Version: Hair Falling Out
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I'll also be waking up at 5 in the morning. Is it bad to drink coffee every morning? Should I maybe drink tea or whats good for getting you up up and ready to go? I'm fine at getting up in the morning, but once I hit school its all downhill.

Tea has antioxydants, which are supposedly good for you. Yay tea!

Snoo, if you're not getting enough protein and like chocolate bars, you should look for those protein bars I mentioned. They're chocolatey, but somehow have lots of protein stuffs in them.

This all makes me wonder, how many of us are veggies, anyway? *conciders starting poll but is too lazy*
Mm.... tea. Black tea? I usually drink fruit tea. But Chai is good, chai is hard to find good. And make strong enough tongue.gif Cuz thoes chai tea mixes are pretty gross sometimes.... blah.
A nutrient list for Healthy Hair Growth... all the foods you can think of to get them from (I'm lazy I just take a hair/skin/nail vitamin sporadically, that and I eat a lot of the foods on the list already.) From the International Long Hair Club
Hey thats an intresting link.... I think alot of that stuff is in my multivitamin, annddd.... I also eat alot of stuff thats on the list. Yumm
I stuck to the whole eating thing pretty religiously till recently. I just decided that it was making me sick by eating so much and I kept getting dragged out of the house and forced to eat other stuff and it just didnt work out. Maybe now that school starts I can start eating right again. I need a lunchbox. Hehe.

Anyone know where to get cool lunchboxes?

My hair is still shedding alot but not as much as it was, plus I have lots of new hair growing in ^^;
well im happy if i helped... smile.gif (and thats a big if)

I was acctually eating basically what you described.... mmmm....

I'm hungry now. Wee
I resurect this thread! Wee!

Okay so my mom gave me a a bottle of Nioxin treatment and i get to rub it all over my scalp every day. It smells funny. But its sopposed to make my hair grow and stay put. So yay.

My eating habits went down the drain though.... I plan to pick them back up. Eventually.

As a note, to keep my hair in better condition I'm going to start dying it with henna instead of other chemically gross dies, so maybe my hair will be a bit healthier. But I might not be able to use henna because my hair has been chemically treated and it might have funky reactions. I shall test it out though. Wee.

Thats it as of now.... I was just bored so I thought I'd keep you peoples a bit up to date
I hope it all goes well for you k!77y
Aislinn Faye
If it makes you feel any better I'm 17 and my hair's going grey.
QUOTE (spiffilicious05 @ Oct 4 2004, 10:49 AM)
I hope it all goes well for you k!77y

Thankies! ^__^ I think I'll be perfectly fine. I just need to work on having better eating and sleeping habits. I guess.

QUOTE (Aislinn Faye @ Oct 5 2004, 02:58 PM)
If it makes you feel any better I'm 17 and my hair's going grey.

Awh! Thats not cool. Do you color over it or use it as a fashion statement? tongue.gif One of my friends relatives went grey at 13 or 14 though, if it makes you feel any better. Heh ^^
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