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Full Version: Umbrellas
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My village has a bi-annual produce show and fancy dress parade (normally) although this year they have decided to challenge us to decorate umbrellas.

Now I had an idea to take the canvas off and put in wire bands around the arms and drip Dali-esq clocks off them.

I have no idea how to go about it and with less than two weeks until the parade I'm not sure if I could get it done. I know that stripping the canvas will be easy enough and the wire should be no problem assuming I can get my mits of my dads soldering iron (I think brazing is a bit OTT) and I was thinking of using paper mache (with all it's fancy accents if you so wish) to do the clocks.

So basically what I'm asking is this: Do you think it's a good idea and should I give it a go or should I just observe...there is a cash prize of a £10 or something for the winner.
Give it a go smile.gif and take pictures so we can see!
Yes, do it. That should be entertaining.
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Definately do it. Sounds like a lot of fun.
That sounds soo cool. I rekon what you have planned sounds well good.

re: paper mache, to give it a sheen, (and make it more durable) you could choose to PVA glue it.

aww thanks peoples I shall get down to it tomorrow!

I just hope that it's not like my Grandad says "You'll need to explain it to all us yokals(sp?) who've never heard of Dail" I use JUST pva for that or do I water it down? And because I'll have to paint it do you think maybe I should do that and then "varnish" it with pva?
Paper mache holds together better anyway if you go over it with whatever adhesive you're using. I think half and half with water, PVA works well. If you go over the top, not only does it go shiny but it hold ll the edges down, so it doesn't get ripped as easily.
What kinda paint do you plan on using?

erm, If patterned you should make sure that the paint is thoroughly dry then PVA it (neat PVA). if the paint is waterbased, its best to use the PVA neat, rather than water it down, as the paint may run.

or, you could add a small amount of PVA to ready mixed paint, as it will help it cling better to the paper without cracking.

or, you could use tissue paper and PVA neat?

Like Green Eyes says, it dpends on how shiny you want it, as to the ratio of water to PVA.

hope this helps, and have fun. smile.gif
I'm not going to be able to do it anymore, I have somebody moving into my house in Nottingham on Sunday and we have to tile the bathroom before then!

It's quite depressing really, I'd have liked to give it a go! Maybe next year?
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