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Full Version: An Old Poem
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I just randomly found this old poem that I wrote, and I thought it was kinda odd and funny. And, since I am bored as heck, I thought I'd share it with y'all.

"Beware of the broccoli!"
I hear someone shout
I turn around and it hits me in the ear
Wow, that was a nasty bout!

"Look out for the Cauliflower!"
I shout out as someone screams
I turn to see the children cower
It knocked some kid out cold, sweet dreams

With the broccoli stuck in my ear
I head for the carrots
Some of the kids in this lunch room
Turned the tables into barracks

I turn around to this kid named Frank
I've hated him for quite a while
Then I shoved the carrots up his nose
It was funny and it made me smile

Now the kids have gone hard core
They're headed for the mashed potatoes
These could get really messy
But then again - who knows?

Ha ha but I have a secret weapon
Another plan of attack
Shh no one can know about it
I've been holding it back

But it's almost time to let them know
Just who the boss is
I'm going to make them cry
And's not the cheese whiz

It's something dreadfully sticky
That ill poor in all the girls hair
And down all the guys shirts
It will be everywhere

HA HA now the time is just right
I will pull out my weapon of mass destruction
I hope that this sweet, sticky mess
Will prove its function

This syrup will hit just the spot
As I squirt it all over the room
This my never ending evil plan
My syrup will bring you doom

Just as I think I'm the queen
And will reign over all these food wars
I hear the dreaded phrase
It's being shouted once more

"Beware of the Broccoli"
And I let out a piercing cry
For that little stupid piece of broccoli
Hit me in the eye!

I am eternally scared for life
And I now have to wear a patch
To cover my broccolied eye
From that dreadful food match

But I will plot my revenge
And all will soon see
That my untimely demise
Will not be caused by broccoli

This year I have a new plan
One that is bigger and better
And it matters not if they doubt me
For soon that will not matter

Oh yes, I have it all planned out
This will be the best
That is if I can ever
Get out of this tight, white vest
hahahahaha that is awesome!
Spiffilicious, that very, very amusing. My younger siblings have a book of childrens poems, about boggas and stuff, of which your poem reminded me. thankyou biggrin.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
Trina that was great. That definately made me giggle!

"I turn around to this kid named Frank
I've hated him for quite a while
Then I shoved the carrots up his nose
It was funny and it made me smile"

*snortcackle* Good one. laugh.gif I definately enjoyed it.

When did you write it?
Oh, I love that! It's great. biggrin.gif
When did you write it?

lol last fall

and thanks guys:)
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