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Full Version: Six Feet Under
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Azrael The Cat
Six Feet Under

Basically you have to hit the right arrow as fast as possible and then hit space when you're over the pink stretch of road to brake the hearst and send the coffin flying. tongue.gif
So far 585.7m is my best score.....I'm winning among everyone in IRC. biggrin.gif

*EDIT*...nevermind. Emmy got a 666.something. Grarrrgh!
Eee fun. My best is 511 something, but cand and pab and Tigersong all beat me already. tongue.gif

edit: Emmy=666.3!! Winner so far *now* in IRC
Dreams On Hiatus
I got a 678.28 biggrin.gif
Snugglebum the Destroyer
679.18, so far. My finger hurts...
The Tortured Soul
i press space when i get to the pink bit but he does break!!!
Azrael The Cat
Yeah, I've never successfully lauched it. tongue.gif I'm on a pentium one though, so that's probably why, it takes forever to get down the track, if I hit it on the pink part, it crashes and if I hit before he brakes....... Damn I wish I wish I had a computer that wasn't from 1996......
863.85 biggrin.gif
uninspired pizza guy
687.5, i think thats ok for my first attempt.
uninspired pizza guy
809.91 oh yeah, im gonna end up in the records by the end of the night
Raptor Red
happy.gif this is fun!

I got 748.81 as my best
My personal best is 894, using my little tactics...

Are the coffins full of previous hearse drivers?
Usurper MrTeapot
797.something on my first go.
When the coffin flies through the air it looks like someone's spilled some tea all over some polystyrene McDonalds food packaging...
Usurper MrTeapot
QUOTE (pgrmdave @ Jul 31 2005, 05:22 PM)
863.85 biggrin.gif

863.90 biggrin.gif
177.32, try and get lower that that...

EDIT: 114.62...
uninspired pizza guy
Click the link called 'six feet under' at the top of the page. Then drive. Simple, although it helps if you can read german.

^^ I cant get lower than about 220ish sad.gif

got 893.7 last weekend. biggrin.gif
Ooh, 898.91! Yay!
Great game.

lmfao, my Mum just walked in the room and she said "Jodie, what the heck are you playing, is that a coffin?"
Me- "Well, yeah."
My Mum "Ah right your mad you are."
Me - "I know."
Parents eh!
tongue.gif laugh.gif rolleyes.gif tongue.gif
i got 656.89

on my first go i was concentrating on my finger on the keyboard that i forgot about the pink line...and i banged into the wall- it scared meeeee

cool game though...what language is it?
933.20! Yes! I'm in the high scores! click on Highscores when the game begins, then scroll through to 933.20. There's my name!
I keep throwing the coffin out too early. Hmph!
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