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Full Version: Hacking
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This is tech stuff, so I assume it goes here ..

My poor little site got hacked and the ftp owner is away on labor day weekend! It's an arab hacker that put up the kind, unavoidable message that our server has holes and things like that. In a very abrupt way. S/he also banned all the admins and made a little speech about how hacking is his/her life and that they didn't change any files or anything like that. Still, I know almost nothing about the whole ordeal. Help for a moron, anyone?

The URL for the site, for anyone interested in helping, is
pah ... onanists
.. feh! well, we got the owner and the webmistress working on it, I'm just afraid we'll lose a bunch of data in the long run. At the moment, nothing's back up yet. Just a bunch of error messages and things like that, and the ftp's being screwy. *twitch* so .. annoying ..
Arrrgh... People like that really bother me- they're not true hackers. Actually, they're called crackers. The point of a hacker is to get entry, and keep it, not tell people that you've got it. Crackers are l4m3 and 5700p1d. All at the same (l337) time. So console yourself with the fact that she's in it for the glory and the label, not the knowledge- the others are infinitely more dangerous. happy.gif

I used to have a subscription to 2600 magazine. It's an interesting read, if you're into that kind of thing. The politics of electronic freedom, which is really what true computer hackers are about (and there are more kinds of hackers than just computer based ones) is an issue that affects us all, and that's what they are very concerned with. They also just like knowledge for the sake of having it. It's liberating to them, and that's a refreshing attitude.

I like proper hackers, I possibly am one. People who destroy stuff just because they can piss me off.
And I mean seriously, anyone who spends time on "hacking" onto a forum about Harry Potter has social problems. SERIOUS social problems.
Agreed. :/ Problem got fixed, though.
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