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Full Version: Random Poems
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I'm just gonna write a poem randomly. Feel free to do the same.

Inside your little cage is where you must live.
Keep yourself inside where it's safe.
Hold onto your chains tightly.
Don't let it out.
Keep it away.
Hide it.
Push it down.
Be a good boy and don't feel.
Keep your emotions locked away.
Don't tell anyone.
Don't trust.
You aren't allowed to be angry,
or upset,
or scared,
or happy,
or anything.
You have to.
You have to keep it all inside!
You can't let it out!
I have to feel!
They won't understand!
You can't let them know who you really are!
I have to live!
Don't live!
Don't feel!
Don't think!
Don't exist!
Mum made some jam,
Which although looked like spam,
Was so very nice,
I licked my lips thrice.

He never makes his presence known,
Yet he is always there.
Within my eyes of cold, grey stone
He haunts me everywhere.

He is in love with all that is in life,
But true love he cannot know.
Thus he rejoices in other's strife,
And dabbles where the shadows grow.

For every kiss he cannot take,
Instead he drinks the tears.
Of the broken hearts that lovers make,
After hardships through the years.

He is the razor within their hands,
Waiting for the sweet life to spill from their veins.
Bathing in the blood that blankets the land,
He relishes in their pain.

Like the pied piper he serenades the weak;
His icy lips gently kissing their ears.
His dance of death hypnotizes the meek,
And plays off of their darkest fears.

Leading them down to where the shadows grow,
They are his loyal subjects now.
It does not matter if they are friend or foe,
For at his feet they must bow.

This angel of death who longs for love,
Is nearly driven mad.
By the world that thrives up above,
By the love he'll never have.

He lurks in every corner,
Waiting for every tear I cry.
His icy hands caress my flesh,
Just waiting for me to die.
Dreams On Hiatus
Oo I remember that one, Trina. I read it a while ago over on AP - it was good.

Okay since I have to write a poem with seven lines using particular words for Class, I will randomly write it here:

Beneath the purple skyline of Chicago
I sleep on a couch cushioned by dreams,
And one arm lying in the open, waiting to waken.
The stars launch their neverending vigil
As the night kills the day,
And quietly I envision
Life beneath the purple skyline of Chicago.

I had to use these words:

1. Purple
2. Chicago
3. Couch
4. Arm
5. Launch
6. Kill
7. Quietly
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