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Full Version: Little Goth Girl's First Date
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Hey hey... I thought the voice overs were good, but not very clear. I'd suggest investing in a better mic; not a great one, I got one for about E20 that works fine for me, or if you have a good one, try clearing it up, messing with the equaliser settings perhaps.

The 3D was bloody amazing. I can't even begin to fathom how you pulled it off. Only problem is, sometimes things jumped a bit too quickly. Could have been my computer, but it made it seem a little messy.
It's very like a grown up little goth girl. I don't think it betrays the original. The memory of it actually makes it seem a lot chirpier and more "childish" than it actually was; if you go back and watch the original, it actually does fit.

And I think Sarah's voice should be a teensy bit more high-pitched, but I'm glad you didn't go for the over-obvious chirpy voice.

This reminds me of how Sonic Adventure 2, a lot of people didn't like they way it was darker and deeper and flashier =P I thought it was fine, and a natural development.

Also, have you read The Sandman? Two characters, Death and Delirium, are quite similiar to Sarah in some ways.
I like The Sandman, but have not read enough of it. sad.gif Death is fun, and Dream is just so dreamy ^^.
Oh yes, and some music that would work quite well!

Siouxsie and the Banshees (especially Israel)
Anything by Switchblade Symphony
Wumpscut: Angel
Muse: The Gallery (or anything by Muse actually, but that's instrumental)

Or use the Doom OCremixes from

I think those would go reasonably well with the music that's already been used, although its' a little sharper perhaps.

If you don't want to use Mp3s(cause of the vocals and all that =P), you can just use MIDIs and download some kind of uber nifty wavetable if you don't have a good soundcrad and record those to mp3.

I can link to mp3s if it's not against forum rules and tht =P
Thanks for your feedback. Generally I try to use original music where I can because of licensing issues. I've never heard of a band getting annoyed because their music has been used on an animation, but it's something that could possibly happen.

As for the quality of the voice overs... Yes, it's not a very good mic, but I suspect I also managed to damage the fidelity while trying to clarify it and then there wasn't time to try recording it again. Ah well...
Yes, ALWAYS keep a backup if you're trying to improve it, you could end up making it all hissy and not have an original, thus dropping the quality further when you try to edit it back =(

Oh yeah, and Cyberpunk r0x =P Can you help me with my new character sometime? I'm havinga bitch of a time with it and nobody seems to know CP =P

I think this would be perfect -

There are no legal issues using MIDIs, since they're just compositions which HAPPEN to sound like the original =P It'd be like suing someone for playing Smoke on the Water on their guitar.

EDIT: Dammit, you have to go here first -
I'm guessing you're meaning 'Cyberpunk' as in the RPG? When I say in my profile that I like cyberpunk I'm referring to the literary movement of the mid-to-late 1980s predominantly centred on the fiction of William Gibson and the proselytising of Bruce Sterling.

Music law states that the composition is still copyright, even if it is being performed by someone else. The writer of a piece of music should always be paid royalties every time a piece of music is played (or the respective license holder, depending on the circumstances). Just because it's MIDI it doesn't mean that it is exempt.
Really? It's been common practice to use MIDIs in fangames for a very long time. I remember hearing exactly why it was legal.

Don't forget, ringtones are MIDI format, and nobdoy has gotten sued over them.

And then there's bands that play covers; as long as you don't sell the song, you don't have to pay royalities.
Technically if you play a cover of a song you're supposed to have at least purchased the sheet music, of which a portion goes to the writer. If you are charging for access to the venue then you are supposed to be paying for permission to play the song. Of course, no-one does, because whos's going to be checking in your local pub blues night? But the web is a more open environment and just because I've never heard of it happening it doesn't mean that it will not.

Even if you are not selling the song, if it was written within the last fifty years, if you are using it for promotional purposes then you are suposed to pay for it. Considering that anything heard by anyone else can be considered 'promotional' then it basically meansthat if you play it then you should be paying for it, even in a cover version, which is what MIDIs are.

The law is not strictly enforced by any means, and most companies would weigh the good pulicity of having their music played over the potential income, but strictly speaking unauthorised use could get a person in trouble. I have a couple of thimes used music on my animations illegally, but I've always given full credit to the artists at the end in the hope that this will outweigh any legal issues. It's not much of a risk at all, but it is there.

People who say that MIDI versions of songs are legal are just kidding themselves. It is immensely improbable that they would result in an actual prosecution, but that does not mean that they aren't breaking international copyight laws.
Hmm. I never knew that. Thanks.
Azrael The Cat
QUOTE (Mata @ Oct 2 2004, 05:30 PM)
Also, you can never know perfectly the state of even a single atom due to some quantum law of other saying that you can't measure both the direction and speed of one atom (or something like that... It's been a long time since I read up on the more esoteric bits, I just remember what the meaning was), so even if there was infinite computing power then it still could not predict what would happen next in the universe.

It's called Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and it states that one can never know both the position and spin of any given electron of any given atom at any one time. You can know one, but not both.

Heisenberg also stated that you can't have perfect accuracy in any sub-atomic measurements due to the fact that at such scales, the process of actually measuring anything irrevocably changes the thing being measured itself. This is why the original ends up being destroyed during quantum teleportation. The process of extracting the needed information to replicate the state of the atom at the other end of the beam ends up destroying the source atom.

If you remember correctly, you'd know that the transporters in Star Trek were made operational by means of a "Heisenberg Compensator" that allows them to accuratelly measure the needed information to put the human body back together during "transport".

Uncertainty and accuracy do apply to every other branch of science though. Because of a score of variables too infinite and difficult to control, no single measurement can ever be completelly accurate. In fact, it is a comon practice in science to assume that any and all measurements are reallyonly accurate to the second last digit. For example, if I were to say that there is a space of 11.26 metres between me and a tree off to one side, the 6 at the end cannot be an accurate measurement. In fact, it can be assumed, due to the fact that humans can naturally divide all length measurements by ten with their eyes that that number can be anything from 5 below to 5 above. So really, the tree is between 11.21 and 11.31 metres away. Of course, if I were actually taking this measurement, I would lose the 6 and use the most likelly number for the previous digit, which would be the 2, but as you can see, this is still not entirelly accurate because there's a slight chance that it could be a three........

Either way the only thing we can truly know for certain is that I'm rambling and must now shut up. Or can we really be certain of that? And if so, to what accuracy? tongue.gif ..........................
Azrael The Cat
Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! OMG! That's [mind your language - Mata]ing awesome!

Everyone brace yourselves for the reign or the evil Haking-Tron! Mwhuahahahahahaha!!!!! So attempting to take over the world as MC Hawking didn't wock, well, nothing's gonna stop him now! You would have thought theoretical physics could be so evil? tongue.gif
Heya, Sorry I'm replying to this topic sooo late but I have only just joined the fourum.
I have been a fan of little goth girl for just over a year now when I accidently discoverd it during a google search at lunchtime in year 11. I was immediatly enchanted by her and sat glued to the screen.
I love the new animation, I must admit to havung beena little shocked when she spoke but having watched it again I can see immediatly that the voice totally fits with her.
Her boyfriend is stunning and I am deeply intirgued by his job. you have me in suspense my friend.
You and your animations totally rock my world, keep up the good work!

Yours in randomness!
Jeez. Trying to get rights to songs can be a mad hassle. Me and the other half of my production company finally decided to say screw it and make all of the music, posters and clothing for the flick simply because we don't want to have to pay for the rights to use a riff from a frickin' As I Lay Dying song.

Which reminds me. Mata, would you mind if we showed the LGG and Mr. SB tee shirts I ordered from you?
RG: Welcome to the forums, I hope I keep making you as happy with the future animations!

Ri: No problem with showing the T-shirts, in fact I'm very happy for you to do this. It's always nice to have references to my things hidden away on other people's sites so if someone who knows my work stumbles across it they can say 'Oo! I know that character!' smile.gif
We also planned on putting you and Matazone in the "The Director Would Like To Thank" section of the credits. Something like, "Mata for his continuing inspiration and all of Matazone for their love and support. Visit on the web at..."

My logic is that people will say "Hmm. I like this movie. Maybe I will like something about this Matazone place." Plus if I get big with this film, I plan on pushing and publicizing Matazone as much as I do Social Failure.
Another great one by You mata. Definitely worth the wait (sorry late reply been away from this forum for too long)
Three posts in seven months? Yep, I'd say that you have been away for a while haven't you?

And thanks Ri smile.gif
Linda T
I've been told that I sound like LGG/Ninja Ozaki.

Is this an insult or a compliment?
Considering that they are played by my girlfriend then I am honour bound to say that it is a compliment smile.gif
Sir Psycho Sexy
I just re-watched the animation, it's hard to tell because you only see them for a little bit, but have her wings changed colour? they looked white, not the usual black....
depressed lonely crazy person
sarah has such a HOT accent
I'm was just introduced to this site - so far this animation is my favorite. I saw that someone asked a long time ago if it was possible to download the backround music. Did you ever ask Shok if it was possible? I would love to listen to it...over and over, and over...
better than humming it out loud in the middle of class.
Oo, I haven't asked him. Next time I see him online I'll bug him about that.

Welcome to my forums!
QUOTE (Mata @ Mar 7 2005, 05:41 PM)
Oo, I haven't asked him. Next time I see him online I'll bug him about that.

Welcome to my forums!

please do biggrin.gif I looove that song.
He's not been online much lately, he's been having a few things keeping him busy, but I'll keep looking out for him.
Update: You can download the music from the jukebox section in Shok's site,
I love little goth girl. And i really want to get out a space hopper after the previous episode. Nice 3D effect smile.gif
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