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Full Version: Hands Across Matazone
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Brought to you in part by the super-advanced technology of a 10-year-old scanner. /me takes a bow
QUOTE (funked)out_frog @ Sep 23 2004, 12:23 AM)
Knowing how google is, we'll probably come up in someone's search for: hand fetish.

QUOTE (funked)out_frog @ Sep 23 2004, 11:38 PM)
Fancy a trip to Mexico Polo?


Sure. I can get a breast enlargement while I'm there.
Duuuuuuude ... I thought this sight was all clean and above board, but obviously it is some den of inequity
Yeah, what happened to the purity of yesteryear? We should return to such wholesome topics as Ways Of Getting Pleasure and Chan and Candice's E-Wedding.

(Incidentally, while I was trawling for those, some pretty good threads caught my eye. The Everybody Awards was one of the best.)
Cath Sparrow
Cool! The Cheerleaders manage to get the top 3 on the Google search!! evil.gif
my hands are dyed some weird ass color from self-tanner. Damn self tanner.

Much love and many kisses.

sorry bout that i was hijacked by my friend skye....
Okay, so these things are my hands. Interesting right..? dry.gif wink.gif

Finally - conclusive proof that I have hands and don't actually control the computer by telekinesis:

{Gothic Angel}
QUOTE (Greeneyes @ Sep 9 2004, 09:08 PM)

Left hand. Undecorated. Bad quality,

I know these hands! I recognise them! biggrin.gif

...And EvilSpoon has nice hands happy.gif

now for something completely nose!
If my cam was working, I would defeat your nose! Defeat it like the Aztecs at Teotihuacan!
That's a zoomed in macro of my's not really that big, honest!

*goes to measure nose* it's less than 2cm sticky out.

Oni Usagi
Well, if it's noses we're posting now...
Snugglebum the Destroyer
There is no way on Gods green earth that I'm posting my nose on here!!

*imagines the horror of a close up on her nose*
Cath Sparrow

Cath's new trick!!!! I got a new camera and have now learnt a new trick!! Yay!

I now present my hands!!!! nasty aren't they! biggrin.gif

Ha! Unfuzzy hands!!
Sir Psycho Sexy
oooh futuristicy cath hands

i don't think the pics of my hands represent their enourmous size....i'll have to rectify that tongue.gif
Cath Sparrow
Ok! Haven't figured that bit out yet!!

My hands, scanner style. Sharpie marker included for size comparison.
Tiny, aren't they?
Tiny, but you have lovely fingernails.
Why thank you. laugh.gif Used to bite em when I was younger though.
Kick @ss ring Cath!

wooooo my hands. yep yep yep.

My hands. Ooh exciting.
Cath Sparrow
QUOTE (LoLo @ Oct 25 2004, 04:21 AM)
Kick @ss ring Cath!

Thanks I've a bit of a thing for interesting jewellery. biggrin.gif
Sir Psycho Sexy
QUOTE (Sir_Psycho_Sexy @ Oct 22 2004, 07:05 PM)
i don't think the pics of my hands represent their enourmous size....i'll have to rectify that tongue.gif

rectified, i know it's a mini ipod, so it's ment to be small....but still....

edit: ipod dimensions, 3.6"x2", just so you don't have to do research
*hides from p@'s hands*

That's scary!
I have ugly hands...

But nice nails. smile.gif Your hands seem fine Envy_ivy.
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