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Full Version: New Episode Ideas
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Angel the Samurai Princess
ohmy.gif REALLY? biggrin.gif I would sooooo love to see that? An early-childhood Lapin!!!!
QUOTE (Mata @ Mar 2 2006, 02:33 AM)
It's a bit more dramatic than that. There will eventually be at least one early-life episode.

Let us mark the occasion with trumpets and a parade... Mata dropped a plot spoiler in response to my silliness! *speculates wildly about the content of said episode*
Angel the Samurai Princess
Not meaning to rain on your parade or nothin'...*thunder* blink.gif Hm? Where'd that come from?

Hee, hee! But I'm not sure that was really a plot spoiler...I mean, he saideventually, like he did about Little Goth Girl. But that would be awesome!!!! biggrin.gif
Angel the Samurai Princess
Incidentally, Ast...
That quote on your sig...Did that by any chance come from "Little Nemo," that little anime movie? 'Cause I saw that ages ago, and I remember the name King Morpheus... huh.gif
I've seen the movie (and detested it,) but it was years ago.The Morpheus in my sig is from Sandman, Neil Gaiman's dark but beautiful comic set. At last count, there are ten regular volumes and a few collections of side stories with Morpheus's sister Death.
Well, it's not an enormous plot spoiler, but Mata plays all the planning so close to the vest that there's scarcely space for air molecules. It wouldn't be fun if he didn't, but I take my tiny victories where I can find them. smile.gif
I'd love to hear more from Mr. Floppity myself. How is he adjusting to life as a regular house bunny again?

Is he planning another adventure as an international bunny of mystery?
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