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Full Version: Ah What The Hell?
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Okay, so I'm in my British Literature class, and while reading epics like Beowulf, we were charged to write our own epic. The ceasuras are a little off due to the forum, but here it is... some response would be well appreciated. Thanky.

The tale is true and mine. It tells
Of a holy quest given by
The highest power able to be known
The man, self same as the
One who quests, who holds any
Power over my heart,
My malicious benefactor, my king
My self. I was charged with
Finding wisdom, informed that
Fate could decide against me,
And that the journey would be
Perennially perilous, but that
My king, myself, would not allow
My resignation. So proud, I set
Out, foolhardily facing God’s
Wrath against the boastful.

In a field
I lay, in meditation, in quest
Self searching my soul for
The treasure my self same ring
Giver sought. The heaven’s light
Shone sure, stead, and bright
But as I sojourned into
The recesses of mine own heart,
I found a fiery frost round
A castle, too made of ice
With a road leading to
A great door.

And I
Chose to follow the path,
To enter the iced domain.
Shivering, with breath visible
In front of my face,
Walk wearily through winding
Hall, in search of the master
Of the domain. Long was my
Search, until I heard the faint
Echoes in resounding. Metal on
Metal. Following the noise, I
In curiosity, I crept, as
The noise grew, clanging and
Clamoring. I entered a hall of ice
Lit by brilliant torch, but
Dark, I came upon two great knights,
Similar in stature to me,
But clad in heavy armor – one blue
One red. Respectively, they
Bore shield and sword of their
Armor’s color. Each were alike in
Strength and skill. The blue defending with
The highest technique as the red

“Your treasure lies not
Here, young one,” the red one called
“But far away, among the realm
Of great men. It lies in the
Great mead halls and in the hearts
Of your brothers. It is
They that will fulfill
Your most righteous rite,” he
Spoke as he continued to hack
And slash at the blue knight,
Still defending.

The blue man let out
A mighty guffaw, as he glanced blows
From his foe to the side.
“Listen not to the fool, my fellow,
For he knows not the ways of
Men’s hearts. Trust naught; not
Your own blood brother, your
Flesh father, your fondest friend
As all distract and deter you
From your true treasure, your king’s
Desires. Your wealth will not be found

Realizing they were both
Givers of false truths, fishers for
Red herrings, I left the castle, finding
A path leading northward, to a mountain
Shrouded in clouds, Cloaked
In white. Violet it was at the base
And as I climbed, clawing rock
To rise, I was greeted by sweet
Music, floating from the peak.
I reached the top as the music ended
To find a myself, clad in the violet
Of the mountain.

“Hello, my son”
He said. “Your treasure lies neither
In sea, nor sky, nor land.
It lies not in the hearts of other men
Nor contained by chest of linden.
Your treasure lies not on this
Mortal coil, not in heaven,
In hell, nor in power. It lies
Simply out of this realm. Follow
The road north, never stopping
For any distraction, be it woman’s kiss
Man’s love, Gold’s sheen,
Ecclesiastical temples, or mead hall’s
Drink for the end will be revealed
And then you will have your prize.
Now, go,” and he said no more,
But closed his eyes and laid down
To rest.

Taking the wise man’s
Advice, I continued north for many
Miles, many seasons. I endured
The cold of winter, the heat of summer.
Alone I so journeyed, until my path stopped
Abruptly at the top of a great cliff,
So high in scope that only a
Gray mist was visible. I sat,
Discouraged, with my legs swinging idly when
A mighty malicious maelstrom swept
Under my body, lifting and pushing me
Into the abyss.

I fell upwards, flying
Into the sky, to the heavens. Below
Me, my king stood nodding in approval
And saw me off as I flew
Into the sunset.

I awoke from
My meditation after the sun’s
Retiring to the west and
The moon’s waking in the east.
I stood, poised to go home, my
Self assigned quest complete,
Wisdom and freedom obtained,
But sat again on the hillside.
Me, my own king, my own
Master, my quest complete.
I laid and basked in the
Moon’s smile, and finally smiled
Back. Content, for now at least.
your imagery is good, I liked it. Is it supposed to be contestant with the Medieval/Anglo-Saxon period? If so you may want to substitute words for red herring and miles. Otherwise I was very impressed with it.
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