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Full Version: I Want To Adopt
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(Remeber, I'm well under 100 posts, and only joined a few hours ago... so much to learn... so little people who've seemed to have wanted to adopt me in the 20 seconds in between when I posted before and when I clicked to post this one because of the anti-flooding thing)
One thing vampire children have to be taught early on is, don't run with a wooden stake. (Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey)
I like how I write and the thread dies... to the max.... I feel offended (I'm still under 100 posts which means I still have my noob status)
I think one way the cops could make money would be to hold a murder weapons sale. Many people could really use used ice picks. (Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey)
lmao..i'll adopt ya, if ya really want.
really? you would? wow... for once in my life I feel loved!
now the monkeys cannot bite us.
lol yup i sure would

even though you're almost graduated....

i'll PM ya.
when do I graduate? at 100 posts?
I PMed you back.
"I hear the orphanage needs a new wall."
"Three walls is not enough... *cough* *cough* *cough*"
yup at 100 posts

dang you're close to it too....i adopted a
I'm over 3/4 the way to graduation... kinda sad...
If you ever catch on fire, try to avoid looking in a mirror, because I bet that will really throw you into a panic. (Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey)

they grow up so fast!!
I blame good parenting/adopted parent parenting/etc. it's the only possible explanation.
If you go parachuting, and your parachute doesn't open, and you friends are all watching you fall, I think a funny gag would be to pretend you were swimming. (Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey)
sorry... I'm no longer a Newbie... but you can still be my adopted parent.. just in case there's something I don't know and need to figure out... but I chose my member title as "Newbie" so it's all good...
If you ever fall off the Sears Tower, just go real limp, because maybe you'll look like a dummy and people will try to catch you because, hey, free dummy. (Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey
im noo but in scotland just now.......
um.....and stuff
cheese is funny
ive already welcomed you... and said hi... whatever..

hi, welcome

is noo your name? dont mind me... im stupid and dont understand simple concepts...
i greet thee also, dost thee want to be my friend? my noob ran away sad.gif

have fun! yay! etc ....
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