It's the first time my heart has ever truly been broken, so if anyone could just read this and sympathize with me I'd take it, as a favor, to my grave with my gratitude. . .

Like a crying wind,
You come and leave.
You are so happy,
So rejoiced,
So granted.
I am so much more then that.
I am torn,
Ripped apart,
Weighed down.
My sorrow holds me down.
I am left with nothing
Except broken dreams,
Burned hopes,
And dying love.
I don’t know what I’m feeling,
Maybe nothing at all,
I am numb with the coldness
That you have left me.

I could never tell you,
And yet it’s so clear,
Those words,
The ones you hear each day
They belong to me.
I waited for you,
So long,
We were growing so close.
You wouldn’t admit to it,
No matter what you’re worth.
Everything can end.
End for me now.
How could you do that to me?
Could you really be so blind?
Can’t you read my mind?
I thought you knew.
Was I wrong?
Was it just in my head?
Or was it something so true
That you couldn’t see it
Because you didn’t think
Happiness could come again?
Do you know how much
I care for you?
I feel so betrayed,
So lost.
You have lost me in your abyss.

You leave me in torment,
Swirling eddies of hate and confusion,
I never thought that I could hate you,
But it’s said I’m often wrong.
Your fading image leaves me bleeding,
No feeling to describe me. . .
You’re my death and my life,
You are my dreams and my fears,
You are the reoccurances of sorrow in my veins.
I dream of your smiles,
You are my faint memories.
I cry at your living touch.
I’ve dreamt of you for so long,
And look at where I’ve ended up.

We could be together forever,
If only you had the same ambitions.
Listen to my whispers,
Hear my cries.
My sorrow splits the world,
And all my sadness joins me.
All I ask is to feel you there,
To know that you’re here forever.
Only you understand me,
But I am left alone.
How long will it last?
I can’t hate you,
I can’t hate you,
Only love you.
You have broken my heart.
The worst part is,
You don’t even realize it.
I am bleeding out my soul. . .