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Full Version: I Have A Forum
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Gothymothy girl
I know it's a crappy board, because I hate proboards, but I don't care because it makes me happy and I just wanted to share my happiness.


yeah well it's really lame without other people on it, so please join. It only has four members.
The Lorax
It's pretty....and GREEN! happy.gif And the hate forum, nice touch, great way to share the happy! wink.gif
Gothymothy girl
Awesome! Thank you. If you have anything you think I could change to make it better, let me know. Thank you.

Bleh. Sorry about the links not working. Everything is always screwy. It's fixed now.
Ooooh Yeah! Six members now. Glorious. biggrin.gif I agree the hate forum is a nice touch.
Gothymothy girl
Blah. . . six is better then four. . .
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