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my response: grow some hair you *insert word*
My response to any kind of insult is usually "Oh, do us all a favour, just feck off and die!"... but that's cos I'm none too sharp wi the lightnin wit...
meh, i do need to cut my hair, but im still insulted about the hippie part! and also, some word that would work is "nark" or "warmonger" or "dirty republican"
(also i would like to point out that in my group of friends "right winger" has become a huge insult biggrin.gif)
The Tortured Soul
damn i was going to keep track of this thread, but it seem to have slipped away...

reading racings posts (the 1 after mine... i haven't read all the posts i've missed)

but i have realised that what i thought i knew i completely wrong!!!

oh well i'm starting to get into soulfly so i might leave my political view behind, it's far too confusing...

i knew there was alot i didn't know, but i didn't realise i was this dumb

well i haven't/aren't taking socialogy so i won't find out, ahhh bleh

i am an ejit after all...

so i'll leave with sum soulfly lyrics, even tho i don't agree with them *yet*

"Back to the primative, Fu(k all you politics!!!"
does anyone here like rage against the machine?
i know i do... mmmmmmmmm rabid anti governmentalism
ratm have the right idea....

"f--k you, i won't do what you tell me..."
Mr Fuzzy
I have a horrible urge to plonk in some worms of my own... Poo...

Communism/Marxism are great in theory - they are supposed to be democratic. Indeed, that is a very large portion of the idea. Everybody gets a say and a share. Unfortunately the ideas fell afoul of the most insidious and horrible thing. (can you guess?)

People. In the end we tend to be greedy sods who want more than our peers. Communism would work if people didn't have the urge to have more than the next bloke. In the end though there is not a one of us who could fairly say that they have never caught themself thinking 'I want more than so-and-so'.

Nasty aren't people.

Shame really. Its a good idea in principle. (I'm a liberal myself - trying to get it right but still have to admit to being greedy)
i think socialism is a much better ideal then communism.. and hey it almost worked until the capitalist came and corrupted them. communsim as an idea is even pretty bad. first off bloody rovolution is a big part of it. and secondly there is no way that humans can survive without a government. who is supposed to take care of money for health care or schools. you need trained officails "government" to atleast take care of the basics. and hey what about the mentally impared like say a portion of sevre manic depresives that not take care of would have the possibility of killing others (no government no police) . and not to mention that communism doesnt bring out the true talents of people. such as say artists. communism is all about work work work. and what a dull society that would be. mixed governments are the way to go
Mr Fuzzy
Actually, with the current state of communications communism is more viable than it was at the start. It wasn't supposed to be 'no government' but more that the government was supposed to be made up of *everybody*. You can still have trained officials, but everyone who wants a say in any given issue has it from the start. Its a case of continuous voting.
i was looking at the actual ideal of communsim lets say "marx theory" and in todays age i believe it is actually less likely to work. the point of communsim was to end up with no government and the people working as a hole to give to each other. however in play by humanity communsim tends to go in the fasion of staring of with a set of government not neccisarily chosen byt the people (there usually more like gorilla's) over throwing the current government and instilling there version of communisim which leads to usually a dictator, which leads to abuse of the people (ie what pot did in cambodia, stalin and acctually even lenin (although lenenin did use capitalism to save his people...a little more carring) mynamar, and even cuba and china). in todays day in age you need internation trade. and communisim is more about isolationism
cheese is funny
bumping for convorsation
Bumping for conversation again.
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