QUOTE (laenan kite @ Oct 10 2004, 12:33 PM)
i personaly preefer slipknot but me an my mate argue about it loads.
im handing it ova 2 u, settle the argument 4 us plz?

That's one easy question. Queen had talent, Slipknot... Well.. They don't really make music, meaning to say they have no talent in my opinion. I think, if you were to listen to something along the lines of Slipknot, you should find a group with talent instead of shock rock.

But anyway, the styles between the two are completely different, and the time period is completely different. Queen, and the period they are from, probably never envisioned noise such as Slipknot to happen, nor do I think they would consider it music.

Queen is the obvious answer to this, because I believe they had more vocal and instrumental talent.

(And yes, Ri, just so you don't say anything, I've listened to more than one song, and more than one album.)