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Full Version: Alternative Lyrics
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El Nino
I tried a search for this but couldn't find anything like it (plus I'm not exactly sure where to put it, daft, here, or media so I'm sure someonell move it if they don't like where it is but here goes with the first

But first as it's a small change I'll even give the reason for changing it.

The same morning that I first heard it, was the morning following the night that a pub in my local area had burnt down so Avril Lavignes complicated got the chorus changed to "why did you have to go and make everything so conflagrated"
to the tune of Billy Joel's Piano Man

Sing us a song, you're the Max Reebo band.
Sing us a song tonight.
Cause we're all in the mood for a melody,
'Cept Solo who's in carbonite.

That's really all I can remember but the clever soul filked the entire song into a Star Wars parody/homage.
El Nino
I was going to leave this one out because it's a bit dodgy but

eminems slim shady

Will the real shady lady please shut her legs
I go for miss heard lyrics. My current favourites being,
Lecherous Tessa (La Tristesse Durera) Manic Street Preachers.
And ‘The pasta’s been bottled and labelled with love’ (the past has been…) from the Squeeze Song Labelled with Love
Well there's a general thing with England which is "Keep St. George in my heart keep me English, Keep St. George in my heart I pray, Keep St. George in my heart keep me English, keep me english till the break of day. Sing to Sven! Sing to Sven!". Which really sucks.

Plus there's "For a minute there I wet myself, I wet the bed. I thought about dirty dreams, and wet the BEDDDDD!!!!" To the tune of Karma Police (YSBS policy applies).
If you want some decent alternative lyrics just listen to Weird Al Yankovich
Purple haze in my eye
Excuse me while i kiss this guy
Instead of "When a man loves a woman" I've heard a version entitled "When a man hates a woman."

He'd give her none of his comforts
She could sleep out in the rain
And he's says that's the way
It oughta be.
There's always just my mishearing Cornershop's chorus of 'Brim-ful of Asher' as "Grim Poodle Basher"
to the tune of "ghostbusters" by the rasmus

theres a really fit man
sleeping in your bed
who you not going to call?
haha... or Freddie... biggrin.gif


Can you remember the lyrics we thought of last night?.... I remember that they were good.. just not what they actually were... aaah well

Vidhya and death
sitting in a tree
First come Ema
Then comes her knife
Then comes the end of Vidhyas' life biggrin.gif
thats the one,
to the tune of band-aid

sniff the glue, let yourself know you're addicted
eat the mushrooms, you cook them then you consume them
lithium, suck it until you get quite high
Linchpin by Fear Factory, the actual lyric is 'Can't take me apart!', however I always hear the words 'God give me your porn!'.

Smiler, no doubt I will be hearing 'Grim Poodle Basher' when I hear the Cornershop song next tongue.gif
Ema.. is a druggie.. she wants to sniff it sniff it sniff it sniff it sniff it sniff it sniff it sniff it... Ema... is a druggie... she wants to smoke it smoke it smoke it smoke it smoke it smoke it smoke it smoke it... hehe
lemme see now.

This is one I heard on the net

To the tune of hit me baby one more time
"Oh boobies boobies you were supposed to grow...... Make my boobies one more size!"

A mate of mine came up with this one at secondary school (day dream believer)

Cheer up spotty Jean, oh what can it mean- to a pimple remover and a clearasil queen!
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