There are many things we don't understand in the world, and there are are many stories about where we came from. There are also ways that have been developed to handle the creeping sense that the stories may really be true.
Freud came up the idea of the uncanny. This is a term used to describe the feeling of unease that is experienced when you doubt that the scientific ideas that you have been raised with.
According to him it can be applied to help understand the way you feel when thinking about hands that move by themselves, or ghostly voices calling at you from the dark.
In the end his method of understanding the world is no less superstitious than any other; he relies upon science as being capable of comprehanding all occurences in life, no matter what they may be. This is almost equal to a belief in God.
Einstein may or may not have been correct when he said that God does not play dice with the universe. If quantum physicians are correct then there is such a thing as a random occurence, and so Freud's idea that the world is ultimately comprehendable is flawed.
Eventually knowledge becomes power, on a personal and metaphysical level. If you can understand your environment, then you have no need to fear.