8 thoughts on “Noooo! The Sky Kitten has returned!”

  1. It’s probably here to eat that fish that was attacking a few days ago.

  2. “And now for the headlines. London has been attacked by a giant fish, Ghandi, a giant potato, and a giant kitten

  3. So… your thesis is done…

    And this is all you can find to do to fill your time?

    (not that i’m complaining, you did make me laugh)

  4. No, I’ve got loads of things going, which is why I’m making these and not proper animations!

    Currently I have three clients, and they all have fairly tight deadlines, so I’m juggling them and trying not to go insane!

  5. Apparently this has become a meme in Latin America.

    ‘Hola!’ to the new visitors – yes, I put together this image back in 2006. I remember that I didn’t take the picture of the kitten, and I might have taken the picture of London, but I don’t think I did. This picture is a combination of at least two source pictures (I might have used an extra one for the clouds).

    I remember spending a very long time making the mask around the cables and pieces of the London Eye (the giant ferris wheel), so you’d be able to see the Sky Kitten through it. I was never quite happy with the way I did the clouds, but perhaps that adds something to the image.

    I’d been making a series of pictures of strange creatures invading London, and this giant kitten seemed like a very adorable turn of events.

    It’s really lovely to know that this picture is making people happy over a decade after I made it. Thanks for coming and finding the original!

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