Junk mail haikus… Sort of

I got this as a junk mail with some junk attachment (probably some spyware, forgive me if I don’t bother opening it to check):

your favorite
did fail meant i with black
situation worthy dark garden circumstances very

I know that’s probably created by a machine somewhere, but I think that’s quite poetic. I think it’s rather charming.

Yes I know haiku.
That is not one, nor is this.
It is a senryu.

You want an haiku?
Not likely around here mate
Senryu is all.

Technically a senryu is a poem about human affairs whereas haiku are about nature. More here, for the Japanophiles among you.

Here’s my best ever senryu. It’s about Kylie Minogue:

Keeps on looping in my head,
Make it stop now please.

Back to the point of all this. I like the idea that the random generation of junk mail might one day prove that old adage about an infinite number of monkeys and an infinite number of typewriters. Maybe a digitial Shakespeare is being dismissed by your junk-mail filter as you’re reading this. You never know. Sometimes creation appears in the strangest of places. We’ll just have to keep our eyes open.

It has been suggested that if we ever manage to make an artificial intelligence that we might not even recognise it. It makes you wonder what else might be lurking on the web…

Bright sunlight
Burning the leaves after rain
Green turns to deep gold.

There you go: a haiku in the end.

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