New Portishead Album!*

*not really.

I’ve been waiting ages for the long-rumoured new Portishead album, so in the meantime I’ve found an album from a couple of years ago by the lead singer Beth Gibbons and someone called Rustin Man. It’s called ‘Out Of Season’ and, while not being slow trip hop (drip hop?) like the Portishead songs, it certainly has some really good moments. Beth Gibbons’ voice is very distinctive and it’s nice to hear something from her that I’d not heard before.

UK link US link

2 thoughts on “New Portishead Album!*”

  1. *shakes fist at Mata* I was so excited when I saw the RSS title. I waited patiently for the page to load, then bam! -I read your actual post only to find out it was a big fat astrixed lie.

    Do you think it’s fair to get people all wet with excitement like this? Well, do you?

    *>_>goes to havea look for ‘Out Of Season’

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