The Other Side - Twisted animations by Mata - Suggested for mature viewers

Welcome to The Other Side

A collection of free-to-view animations with a twisted sense of humour by Mata!

Hello again! Yes, I'm still here!

Have you been longing for those old days of regular Matazone goodness? Then you're in luck...

I'm posting weekly updates in my newsletter about horror fiction, writing craft, and silly things - join me on there for regular updates and new stories!

I'll also post on there whenever I've converted one of the old Flash animations to YouTube - like this post about the first Mittens animation, or the second Mittens animation.

I'd love to still be in touch!

You can also find me on:



Have fun!
Mata, 11th March 2024

Most recent stuff :
The first Mittens & Snowdrop animation (YouTube video/animation)

The second Mittens & Snowdrop animation (YouTube video/animation)

Classic horror! THE CLOWN KILLER! (YouTube video/animation)

Halloween 2015 - Shelley's Regret (YouTube video/animation)

Halloween 2014 - 7:43pm (YouTube video/animation)

Also, watch the out-take!

Halloween 2012 - Dead Lily (YouTube video/animation)

Halloween 2010 - The New Professor (animated/illustrated short story)
Status Update (short story audio book)
Halloween special 2009 - Salvatore's Birthday (FREE short story audio book)
Fresh Salmon for McTavish (short story audio book)
Halloween special 2009 - A Kiss on the Palm (FREE short story audio book)
Trouble Down Pit (updated every Monday and Friday) (puzzle website) (puzzle website)

Trouble Down Pit - updated Mondays and Fridays

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