Hello Swedes!

(All 30 of you.)

In case anyone’s interested, here’s who’s reading this:

UNITED STATES (US) 20934 (taking over the world)
UNITED KINGDOM (UK) 8668 (I’d be disappointed if no-one from the UK was visiting)
SWITZERLAND (CH) 2843 (how do you make a Swiss roll? Sneak up on him with a bap…)
Indeterminable 1536 (I know the feeling)
AUSTRALIA (AU) 1205 (G’day, barbie, shrimp, tinnie)
TURKEY (TR) 1010 (This rather surprised me. I have never in my life thought ‘Ah-ha! This will appeal to my Turkish visitors!)
SINGAPORE (SG) 790 (‘Ello you lot! It’s nice to see the far east comes here too)
UNITED KINGDOM (GB) 731 (and this is different from ‘UK’ how? Did the software mean to say Ireland? I doubt the Irish would be very happy about being lumped in with us.)
NETHERLANDS (NL) 640 (I heard this week that ‘sucking a monkey’ is slang for drinking beer in Dutch. Is this true?)
CHINA (CN) 587 (You mean I’ve not been blocked by your goverment yet? I really must try harder…)
SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO (CS) 556 (‘Nice to have you on here. Again, not a country that I’ve really had in mind, but I’m happy to see you here)
GERMANY (DE) 502 (Guten tag… Oh dear, I really can’t remember much German, clearly you all know more English than I know Deutsche)
CANADA (CA) 380 (See you aboot. Gawd bless yer cotton socks. Canada: the sane bit of North America)
JAPAN (JP) 313 (Konichiwa! Okay, so everyone that I know has visited my site from Japan has been living on US military bases there, but it’s nice to be known in the country that inspired me with its comics back when I was a tiny little boy)
ISRAEL (IL) 277 (Sorry to be political, but I hope that all the unsettling has been worth it for everyone’s sake. It wouldn’t have been my solution, but it’s happened, so I really hope it works and there will finally be peace for everyone.)
RUSSIAN FEDERATION (RU) 256 (huuuuuuuge country, feeeeeeeew people. Hi Russia!)
ITALY (IT) 256 (Bounjourno! I did learn a little Italian for a recent trip there, but it’s rapidly vanishing again)
IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF (IR) 199 (More from the middle east. It’s great to have you here. If the world can’t get together to have a laugh then we’re really in trouble.)
BRAZIL (BR) 161 (Ah, the first country listed from South America. I’ve spent a long time looking at you on Google Earth. You have a very beautiful country. I hope we can all find a way to keep it so green!)
THAILAND (TH) 117 (I hear online gaming is big in Thailand, so I guess it shouldn’t be surprising to see visitors from them to my website, but again it’s not one that I anticipated)
BELGIUM (BE) 108 (How strange that you tie with India)
INDIA (IN) 108 (How strange that you tie with Belgium)
TAIWAN (TW) 98 (I’m running out of comments)
COLOMBIA (CO) 83 (Woo hoo! More from South America!)
FRANCE (FR) 61 (61. 61?!?!?! Is that the best that my neighbouring country can do? I have three times more people visiting from Iran than France, and it’s probably a capital offence to visit my site over there!!)
EUROPEAN UNION (EU) 40 (Err, I didn’t realise this is a country these days…?)
SWEDEN (SE) 30 (Netherlands 640, Germany 502, Sweden 30. Apparently I do something that most Swedes don’t like.)

So, as I said at the beginning, hello Sweden, all 30 of you!

4 thoughts on “Hello Swedes!”

  1. Long time lurker, had to join up entirely so as to point out that no real aussie says ‘shrimp’. That’s American. We have prawns, not shrimp. Prawns.

    Shutting up now.

  2. Bah! I’ve been lied to by Neighbours again! It seemed that almost every episode someone would say ‘let’s open some tinnies and chuck a few shrimp on the barbie’!

    … Also, hello long-time lurker! I thought this thread might prompt a few people to speak up 🙂

  3. Next thing you know people will think we drink Fosters!

    Neighbours… well… can’t say I’ve ever noticed them saying that in the show, but then I’m not really a huge follower. Still, it’s biggest audience is the foreign market, and the foreign market has funny ideas about what Aussies are like. And that whole shrimp thing… I’m trying to remember who started it. I think it was Paul Hogan, in an American add. Ah… either way. Prawns, not shrimp.

    The temptation to say ‘that’s not a prawn, THIS is a prawn’ and find a pic of a shrimp and a prawn and post links here is becoming almost overwealming… Paul Hogan’s fault, no doubt… so, once again, shutting up.

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