Didn’t his mother teach him anything?

Yes, Mr Bush, you really should go before you leave the house. President Bush wrote a note during a UN meeting asking Condaleezza Rice if she thinks he could take a toilet break. Good grief. Yes, we’ve all needed the toilet at inappropriate times, exams, interviews, and suchlike, but he’s the president of the most powerful nation on earth; you’d think he’d be in enough control of his body to be able to grin and bear it.

Also of note, apparently he’s not so hot on joined-up writing, but on the plus side at least he didn’t write that he needs to go pee-pee.

HOLD THE U.N.! Hell, they were only discussing the future of the entire organisation and the threat of global terrorism, who cares about that? PRESIDENT BUSH NEEDS TO PEE!

I believe I may have mentioned this before, but we are all doomed.

6 thoughts on “Didn’t his mother teach him anything?”

  1. You know when conservatives talk about how liberals will blame Bush for anything they can? I’m starting to think they’re right. The man is fifty-nine years old. Sometimes he’s got to go to the toilet. And I’m pretty sure US Presidents aren’t elected on the strength of an uncanny hold over their own bodily functions.

  2. 59 is around the age of my parents, and they can manage to sit around in long meetings without passing notes to their friends about toilet breaks.

    As much as I’d like to find this funny, I just find this incredibly bizarre. I’d find it weird if any world leader did it, not just Bush, but it further confirms my view of the man as a person who isn’t prepared for events in life. The man couldn’t foresee the need to go to the toilet during a massively important UN meeting (seriously, who goes into a meeting about the future status of the UN without going to the toilet first? It was never going to be quick…), and this is the man trusted with overseeing the future of his country.

    Foresight is important in a leader, and I’d find it scary if any leader couldn’t plan ahead even for their own body, let alone the president of the US.

  3. Well, not to get overly TMI, but I quite often suddenly need to use the toilet. I just think, mountains and molehills, much?

  4. 1: It’s quite amusing, you were the one who decided to take this very seriously.

    2: I consider it pretty important that a leader should have enough self-control to sit through world-changing meetings and pay attention, even if they do need to use the toilet. As I said in my original post, we’ve all been there, and we’ve all had to get on with it and hold ourselves.

    3: It’s a fair point about the joined-up writing though 🙂

  5. 1. you said in your first comment you couldn’t find it funny. I think it’s funny purely through the perceived incongruity of needing a bathroom break in a UN Security Council meeting, but I don’t think there’s anything actually strange or blameworthy about it.

    2. Just my personal experience, but if I really need the toilet I can’t concentrate worth a damn. I’d much prefer it if he took five minutes out and came back with nothing but the matter at hand occupying him, than if he struggled through the meeting trying to concentrate on it while all the time just thinking of how much he’d really like to pee.

    3. You should see my handwriting 😛 That note looks like the Declaration of Independence next to my scrawl.

  6. 1. ‘Bizarre’ can still be amusing. I find the incongruity is more with the president passing notes about needing a toilet break to his colleagues.

    2. I hope that when you’re a world leader you remember to use the bathroom before meetings 😀 That’s a thought: maybe he was so busy thinking about the meeting he forgot to go?

    3. My handwriting is generally regarded to be similar the marks made after a drunken spider staggers through a puddle of ink; however, it is joined up! I’m going to be getting my doctorate, isn’t it tradtional that doctors have an awful scrawl for handwriting?

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