It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day!

It does exactly what it says on the thread title, yarr, so it does.

It be the day to talk like a pirate, so shiver yer timbers an’ those o’ yer ship-mates otherwise I’ll keel-haul yer sorry land lubbing arse.

Do pirates say ‘arse’? Probably not.


Have fun.


While I’m here, get your pirate name:

Mine is Pirate Harley the Cash-Strapped, which be fair accurate, so it be.

5 thoughts on “It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day!”

  1. Yarr! We pirates be saying ‘buttocks’ not arse.

    Cap’n Bud Deadweight

  2. Damn!

    I’m home from work and missed it!

    And I’ve been saving a clip-on pigeon so I could be an urban pirate . . . “Arrrr! You talkin’ to ME?!?”

  3. That’s part of the fun of it though – you don’t only have to wait for September 19th every year – you can make every day Talk Like A Pirate Day! 🙂

    I think this would be particularly effective when you work in a call centre:

    “Yarr! Ye be speaking to Dragonbear, so ye be, how can I be swabbin’ yer deck this fine af’noon?”

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