Pythons v.s Alligators

Now that’s my kind of match up.

Florida’s swamps just become more appealing by the moment. Their long-standing reputation for having toothed-logs (otherwsie known as alligators) ready to consume unwary travellers, mob-hit victims, and stunned vampires (see Interview With The Vampire UK link US link) is now being enhanced further by their suitability as a breeding ground for the Burmese python.

The pythons love the climate and have inevitably found themselves a bit of serious hunting when they have grown big enough to need a lot of meat and consequently taken on the indigenous alligator population. In the latest clash a 6 foot alligator was eaten whole by a 13 foot python. We only know about this happening because the python’s stomach exploded, leaving the alligator’s tail sticking out in a very odd multi-tailed twist on the Isle of Man flag. It’s possible that the alligator was still alive when eaten and clawed through the stomach but was too tired to escape after killing the python. Blimey. It’s also possible that pythons will become the top of the food chain in Florida when they get big enough to take on the rest of the scaley bunch.

So, who’s for a trip to the Everglades?

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4 thoughts on “Pythons v.s Alligators”

  1. Mata, I don’t know what i’d do without these random bits of information that add some color to the black and white canvas that is everyday life. Needless to say, that’s kind of..surprising, to say the least. Pretty hard to imagine, too. A large-scale invasion of giant pythons all across the United States comes to mind. Tearing people limb from limb, ravaging cities, all the good stuff. You may want to bring this up with Mr. Bush; you know, it being a potential threat to national security and all.

  2. I like to think that I find quality nonsense and deliver it conveniently to people. It’s a service you know. Nothing but the best gibberish gets into my blog.

  3. Time for me to buy some enemies plane tickets to Florida.

    I’ll begin with pop singers. I’ll update you on my progress with getting Brittany Spears to do a concert in the middle of the everglades. Think she could rip her way out of the stomach? No way.

    There should be contests where a bunch of people are willingly eaten by pythons and whoever can rip themselves out wins. Our first champion is that alligator. Kudos to him.

  4. That is originally what I thought was happenign in Celebrity Shark Bait. I thought, Yes! Finally someone has heard my pleas! But my dissapintment was total when it turned out to be just another crappy reality TV program.

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