In local news: Old lady not dead yet

I love my local newspaper, the Mid Hampshire Observer. They clearly know as well as the rest of us that most local news is really pretty dull, so they occasionally get a bit bored and ramble. This is an article that really made me laugh a couple of months ago. It starts off fairly normally, but stick with it. The title of the article should give you a clue about how seriously they’re taking all this.

So, I proudly present, for all of you not fortunate enough to have a free copy of the Mid Hampshire Observer delivered by a surly young teenager: ‘Lady Doesn’t Die’
Lady doesn\'t die

6 thoughts on “In local news: Old lady not dead yet”

  1. Not a bit of it. That is what they printed, and that’s why it’s the first local paper I will actually read!

    They don’t usually go quite this far, but I’ll post them here if they do!

  2. “A parrot general couldn’t really command a battlion of storm troops with simple commands like ‘cracker’ and swearing.”

    But, see, the parrots will all be pacifists!

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