New Royal Crest revealed!

This gave me a bit of a giggle:

the Department of Social Scrutiny is delighted to announce the adoption of a new Royal Crest which, we believe, mirrors the true values of Modern Britain and is set to make everything OK again.

It only takes a couple of minutes to read and is quite accurate, especially the meaning of the Overlion. Linkidy link link.

4 thoughts on “New Royal Crest revealed!”

  1. wat the hell?
    those explanations are buggered up, for the obvious reasons of course but for the fact that it explains to english people wat it means to british. i’m quite offended by that, i know to be british means to stand proud, not look back, and occasionally suck up to the american government. godbless our great nation. goodnight all, i hope to keep leaving notes like this when i’m busy working/starting my masters degree. If thats okay with you mata?

  2. You do know that this a just a parody thing, making fun of the people who say, “This is what it is to be British!”?

  3. Dooplis, I’m really not quite sure what you’re offended about, and I’d bet a large amount of money that the site is run by British people. We Brits have lots of ideas about what it is to be British, and the houmour of that page comes from the way that they are sometimes distant from the reality.

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