More crazed elks + squirrels!

For some reason a Swedish couple decided that parking their bicycle in front of their flower bed would prevent a local elk from destroying their roses. The elk, nicknamed ‘Droopy Ear’ (attempts at an interview have failed so we don’t know his elkish name, or should that be elken?), noticed that a small, light object was in the way and continued to eat the flowers on his next visit before continuing on his way. Unfortunately for the bicycle, it went with him and was found half a kilmetre away, bent out of shape. (Cheers to Hels for this and the previous elk fun source)

I’d love to have a combination of this elk and the drunken ones: I can imagine them riding around town on the bike, perched on each-others’ shoulders on a fermented-apple and rose fuelled rampage.

In related ‘news’, squirrels may be digging up crack-dealers’ stashes. Apparently dealers have taken to burying their goods in peoples’ gardens so they don’t have to carry so much around with them in case they’re searched. Squirrels have then been spotted digging up the same areas… The thing that really amuses me is that there is absolutely no evidence for the squirrels actually finding and consuming any of the drugs (which would almost certainly kill them near-instantly), but it still became a story anyway. For some reason I often find slightly bored journalists much more amusing than earnest ones. Source here.

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