Kittens Though Time!

The new Mittens animation is ready: Kittens Through Time!

Sorry it’s taken so long, Shok was doing the music for it and has been really busy. You can read about what he’s been up to in Shok’s blog. I believe he’s out getting ready for/playing a gig as I type this.

He put together a bit of music for me, which unfortunately was a bit too short. He was going to do a longer version, but I’ve gone ahead and fiddled with the loops, so if anything sounds awry to you then that’s my fault not his! However, I’m really pleased with it, I think I’ve done a seamless job. I even managed to get the loops to correspond with things that were happening on screen. All in all, I’m very happy with the way it’s turned out.

Time travel opens up a whole load more things to do with Mittens & Snowdrop. You might wonder why it’s been so long since the last one, and the answer is simple: I didn’t want to grind the central joke into the ground, and without a new setting it was going to be hard to avoid doing that. I think this new angle will really help in writing future episodes.

‘Hope you like it!

3 thoughts on “Kittens Though Time!”

  1. This is unbelievably frustrating. I’m at college, where I have access to a massively faster ‘net connection than at home. Plus, right now, I’m here, so here would be the perfect place to watch the new Mittens and Snowdrop. The only problem is that I’m in physics, so can’t turn the speakers up.

    Why must you taunt me, cruel fate!?

  2. Maybe because you call it ‘cruel’? If you were nicer too it then maybe it wouldn’t taunt you. 🙂

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