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The government has made a little video to explain about why ID cards are the way ‘to answer why identity cards are necessary and how the scheme will work’.

Download available here.

The amusing thing is that it doesn’t actually answer why ID cards are necessary. Surely a little bit more data in a passport would do exactly the same thing? We’ll end up with biometric data in those anyway, so why do we need a massively expensive new scheme that actually produces extremely little?

3 thoughts on “ID cards video”

  1. It would’ve been nicer of the government to actually explain why ID cards are significant and nesceccary instead of blabbering on in that computer husky voice about the functions of the ID card that most of the British public knows already, it did make me laugh though thanks to a disclaimer at the begining saying that “all technology used in film is not a representation of what will be used” which proves this is more Labour jargon desperatly trying to win back a cynical british citizens trust, and fails miserably. waste of six minutes of film.

  2. Yes, it’s a good disclaimer isn’t it? ‘All of the following that you will see is completely made up, but we spent money making it anyway’.

    There’s a full length DVD version that cost £70k to make and is probably just as dull and equally uninformative.

  3. i’ll watch it anyway just to use at as an excuse to get drunk due to depression.

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