Do you know this man?

How unusual:

the piano man

A man has been found, apparently traumatised and who will not talk, but who is an accomplished piano player.

I’ve got two thoughts on this, my hopeful reaction is that this is a melancholy story. My cynical side suggests that he could be putting it on so that he will become famous. I await the movie adaptation.

5 thoughts on “Do you know this man?”

  1. Interesting.

    I had the same kind of reaction, but I assumed that the medical staff would have ways of telling if someone was putting it on.

  2. My first reaction was that I could write a story about him. I’m working on it.

  3. I personally hope that he finds someone he knows or someone who knows him and he gets taken care of…poor magical musical man….

  4. Hmmm, sound a bit like classical musician syndrome…

    I believe it was Percy Grainger who walked around Australia from concert to concert with a loaf of bread tied to his head so that he could reach up and rip a hunk off if he was hungry….

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