8 thoughts on “IBM leap 42 generations ahead of Sony!”

  1. just randomly wondering what your PhD is in and what your thesis is about – care to share?

  2. My field area is cultural studies, and the subject of my thesis is the works of the cyberpunk author William Gibson. I would say more, but I’m in the late stages of it now and I don’t want to risk jinxing myself by speaking about it too much!

  3. I’m hoping to have my part of it finished by the end of this year, but I don’t know how long the review process and actual graduation ceremony will take. I would hope that I will be a doctor within twelve months!

  4. i dont understand the joke….im confused…but yay go mata! …get that doctorate!….:)

  5. It’s a play on the names PS3 and P45. Sony is expanding with new announcements while IBM is pushing through lots of job cuts. I realised after I made it that lots of people probably wouldn’t understand it… But it didn’t take long, so there’s no harm done.

  6. Well I understood it and laughed.

    But then again I’m english, and study and work within the electronics sector, so it would make sence to me

  7. It made me laugh alot, not only because it is funny, but because my elder brother of two years said “Wow! P45! I wonder what the graphics will be like?!”

    He is nineteen… And a chef…

    Might explain somethings….

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