Fun screensavers and desktops

Fancy having other people’s dirty confessions streamed to your desktop? (they get bonus points for making a Mac version too)

Here’s the one that I have as my desktop wallpaper:

Earthwatcher creates a new image of the earth, as seen from space, every twenty minutes. It’s really quite humbling to watch as the lights come on along the Trans-Siberian railway. As I write this the sun is going down in east India. This was mentioned by a person on my forums last summer and I’ve loved it ever since.

Of course, if you want to do something good with your spare PC runtime then get the FightAIDS@Home screensaver/distributed processing software:

Download it from here
(Currently Windows and Linux only. No plans for the Mac have been mentioned.)

Once you’re set up you can click this link and join the Matazone team so we can see how we’re doing together! Currently there are seven members of the team and we are ranked 1,072 in the world for our collective contribution to the study of AIDs and illnesses related to the human genome.

More info on that one here.

3 thoughts on “Fun screensavers and desktops”

  1. Yay, that was me! I told you about EarthWatcher! And you actually use it! I have mine set to update every minute but that does use up a fair amount of bandwidth. As I type it’s just going dark… here in fact *looks out of window* oh yeah, so it is.

  2. Ah-ha! I’m glad you saw this, because I couldn’t remember who told me about it and I wanted them to know how much I love it. Thanks!

    Although you have just displayed yourself to be a true geek by judging the outdoor lighting conditions using your desktop wallpaper!

  3. That’s not /that/ geeky. Really. Well its not as geeky as… Jonman.

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