7 thoughts on “Yarr!”

  1. As he’s wearing that hat, surely he’s a pirate pie-rat? Or even a Pie pirate pie-rat?

  2. That is the most wonderful thing I’ve seen all day. I have a great pirate joke (made up myself at about 7am at work one day)- what do pirate pimps say? Yo ho.

  3. Given that you posted that at 12:59am then I’m not sure if I’m too flattered 😉

    Nice joke!

    *waves at Arty Tart*

  4. Dude. I SAW the thing at like 11:30, then had to figure out the whole “register” thing and so on. Then it send it was pending approval or something. Just be flattered dammit.
    And I thank you. I got a million of em.

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