Try this later…

Next time you’re brushing your teeth, try holding your hand still and moving your head instead. It helps if you get some good nodding music playing in the background; I suggest ‘Here Comes Your Man’ by The Pixies (UK link US link) but most things would probably work.

For bonus points you could also try using your non-favoured hand to hold the brush.

Go on, try it!

In other news, is nearing 350 puzzles now. Go play!

4 thoughts on “Try this later…”

  1. Does this have any benefits or do you just chuckle at the thought that you can get people around the world to stand there with a toothbrush in their mouths nodding their head in time to music?

  2. Benefits?

    Well… That’s a matter of perspective. I think changing our patterns in life is always beneficial. Challenging ourselves to experience even the most basic actions in life from a new perspective is an interesting and worthwhile activity.

  3. What about “Gigantic”?
    Or could I instead go with some Rammstein, they also are quite head-noddy much of the time…
    have you figure out yet that I am overly fond of ellipses?

  4. I am going to try this, but if I get toothpaste all over my face… well, I’ll forgive you. 😛

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