When armed robbery combines with aerobics

I’m sure a few people have said ‘spare me my life!’ during an aerobics class, and everyone else just has (sensibly) not gone to an aerobics class; however, I feel it’s slightly less likely that people have chanted ‘I was robbed by two men’, and ‘take anything you want’ could perhaps be misunderstood when chanted by three women in lyotards.

What am I on about? It’s the Zuiikin Girls, who have been trying to find an interesting way to teach English and get fit at the same time, producing what is one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen for a long time, and makes my idea for Thesercise seem positively sensible.

3 thoughts on “When armed robbery combines with aerobics”

  1. I seem to have missed Thesercise first time, but looking at it now it seems an excellent idea. And yes, it is far more sensible than this.

  2. Shouldn’t they be learning things like “Thank You” and “Where are the restrooms?” before how to handle themselves during a robbery?

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