An animation idea that would never work

Presenting a whole new form of aerobics: Thesercise!

Do you want to get fit and study at the same time?

Do you ever feel the need to get away from your work but you just can’t spare the time on activites that don’t stimulate your brain?

Then you need Thesercise!

Thesercise is aerobics to the sound of audio-book philosophy all placed over a house beat, so you can get fit and educated at the same time.

Our first DVD called Post-feminist toning is out now:

“Your body is fine the way it is, and you should have pride in it! Now twist at the waist to look the back of your legs, Andrea Dworkin tells to you appreciate the novelty of your body, so twist and look, twist and look, twist and look!

“Understand that your body is fine, but you can be empowered through using classical sexuality. By embracing stereotypical feminine values you can control them, now stretch! Stretch! Stretch like you are making an assumption based on a Westernised patriarchal ideology!”

Includes a ten minute warm-down appreciation of late-stage capitalism’s use of the body as a metanarrative:

“Begin by keeping your neck long and stretching your arms and legs across the floor as wide as you can. Feel the texture of the floor with your skin and debate whether the material is authentic is a post-Rousseau discourse of the natural. As you elongate your limbs feel the length of them and ponder whether they are part of you, or whether they are simply a biomechanical device that permits you to interact with the space around you.

“And…. Relax… Into existential contemplation of Baudrillard’s celebration of the rejection of the body-as-authentic as a purely simulated narrative construction based on outmoded cultural tropes.”


Sometimes I get ideas that linger in my head but I know that they would never work. Perhaps there would be a selection of post-graduates out there who would think this was great, but it’s just a one-line joke that doesn’t really go anywhere. You never know, maybe I’ll work out how to use this properly in the end, but it’s been knocking around for months now and nothing better has come from it yet!

3 thoughts on “An animation idea that would never work”

  1. Well, as a post-graduate, I DID find it funny, in fact had several potential spit takes. Well done.

  2. I love this! I want to share with all my young student friends/relations.

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