Christmas songs…

I can handle Christmas songs during the summer, but by December they mainly want me to go on a rampage with a blunt chisel. Maybe this is because I’ve worked in shops where Christmas songs are on a loop…

There’s one in particular that could push me over the edge into the sea of despair, it’s called ‘The Happiest Little Christmas Tree’. The sonic vibrations of that track have emanated throughout the known universe. It is the reason why aliens have not contacted us to join in the heavenly galactic community and instead choose to probe various parts of our anatomy to discover how our species could have created such an aural abomination. The trouble is, now I’ve posted this, there are probably people out there who will be intrigued, and the cycle of devastation will begin again.

2 thoughts on “Christmas songs…”

  1. Yeah, but did your mom spend like the three months leading up to Xmas bursting randomly into “Jingle Bell Rock” only saying “socks”?
    For that is truly pain.
    Also, I still remember most of the interpretive sign language I had to do along with “Let there be peace on earth (and let it begin with me)” which I performed in like 5th grade for god’s sake…

  2. My mother has been whistling ‘Tis the season to be jolly’ 12 months a year for the last 30 years. I know your pain.

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