Shooting close to home

You might have heard that a chap (suspected suicide bomber) was shot by police on the underground today. My brother was on the next carriage along on the train. He’s a bit shaken but otherwise fine. It’s certainly a small world.

So, I guess this is a test… And my response? I’ll still use the underground when I need it, just like I would before. We can’t stop our lives because some idiots are running around with badly made bombs strapped to their body and hideously distorted misreadings of the Koran stuffed in their heads. There are always going to be nutters in the world, whether they are organised or not, so there’s no point in living in fear.

However, to show you that I do take these things seriously, if I were with my brother now I’d probably offer him a pint of beer rather than a cup of tea. Yes, it’s that serious (and then we’d take the tube to the pub).

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