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The Other Side forums - suitable for mature readers! _ About the animations _ I found Mata's secret animation stash!

Posted by: Jatopian Sep 5 2005, 04:14 PM

ph34r.gif I opened it while seeking to save my favorite SWFs to my PC. It has several animations which I can find no link to in the 'site proper'. Among these:
Several nuts-and-bolts applications for the site.
Several things which make 0 sense to me.
Standalone musical tracks.
Textful animations about apparently random people. "A short story about creation and people" Apparently made for chain emails. Rather disturbing short... Mittens turns 1! So does Snowdrop, but Mittens cares not. Mata attempts to reconcile a couple via Flash. Can we get a big "Awwwww..."?

Apologies if I wasted everyone's time. unsure.gif

Posted by: crazymat Sep 5 2005, 04:57 PM

"Falling" is part of the webart bit cool.gif

Posted by: CommieBastard Sep 5 2005, 05:19 PM

Ah yes, I've seen some of those - I remember finding the lost Mittens and Snowdrop one while poking around in the site's directories. Hadn't seen some of the others though. Good job!

Posted by: candice Sep 5 2005, 08:33 PM

I know I've seen the bunny of love one before...I think it used to be linked on the main site aaages ago.

Posted by: Astarael Sep 5 2005, 09:01 PM

Why aren't these in the main site? I can understand not adding the Mr. Snaffleburger as it's meant for one person, and the Inn on the Green is a bit odd, but the rest are quite good. I love Mitten's and Snowdrop's birthday. It's very cute and I just watched it several times. Give these animations to your loyal peons, Mata! Put them on the main page when a regular animation is running behind schedule, and the world shall rejoice! biggrin.gif

Posted by: Don'tMakeMeBiteYou Sep 6 2005, 12:06 AM

I've definitely seen the Bunny of Love before. I love the Mittens one, but I suppose Mata has his own reasons for not posting it on his site. Therefore we ought to badger him until he gives in to shut us up.

Posted by: silvermoon Sep 6 2005, 01:37 AM

Aw, great animations! I chuckled over The Inn and the Green, even though I'm not entirely sure why. The Mitten's was great, as always. Is there any particular reason these aren't on the main site?

Posted by: Mata Sep 6 2005, 01:57 AM

Several nuts-and-bolts applications for the site: nuff said
Several things which make 0 sense to me: probably very old things
Standalone musical tracks: I've tried various different methods of putting sound on animations, so sometimes I've split off tracks for loading reasons.
Textful animations about apparently random people: see the webart section
Falling "A short story about creation and people": webart again. That was my first ever Flash animation!
The Bunny of Love Apparently made for chain emails: it was officially on the site for a while but when I last redesigned the place I decided it was rubbish so removed the link
Inn on the Green Rather disturbing short...: that was from a ten minute animation contest on another website. I think it came third, or first... Something like that.
A Lost Mittens & Snowdrop Animation Mittens turns 1! So does Snowdrop, but Mittens cares not: I decided it just wasn't funny enough, so never made that one public. I really did make it on Mittens' first birthday, many years ago.
Mr. Snaffleburger Special Message Mata attempts to reconcile a couple via Flash. Can we get a big "Awwwww..."?: As far as I know it didn't work, but I figured that I'd be cold hearted if I didn't help out after a girl's desperate plea.

So there you go.

Posted by: JimiJimi Sep 6 2005, 04:05 PM

Mata works in mysterious ways...

Yay! Distrubing animations and stuff! Who knows what else lurks in the depths of the servers? Well, Mata I suppose... but that's beside the point!

Posted by: Jatopian Sep 7 2005, 11:33 PM

Oops. I completely missed the webart section.
Of those things which made no sense was a video of someone, apparently Mata, moving his head nearer and further from a staticky camera, while some god-awful noise repeated in the background.
I never did figure out how to get "Mountain" to play its music automatically...
I liked "Falling".
Mata probably remodeled the site after Little Goth Girl's house once that series became popular, that being why it is so mysteriously deep and complex.

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