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Posted by: Mata Jul 20 2011, 08:41 PM

I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I moved to the Netherlands, but now I'm moving again. Thankfully it's not so far this time; only a few roads away. Still, I really don't like moving house. It always seems a right pain in the posterior. I think this one won't be quite so bad - I'm taking over a lot of the stuff in advance, so the 'proper' moving day next Tuesday should really only be the big pieces of furniture, everything else should already be there.

More of a pain is getting everything else updated - all the bills, banks, and that kind of tosh. My gods it's dull doing all of these stuff.

I wish there were a site trustworthy enough where we could register all of our details so we only have to update one place and then everyone knows the new address, but given the recent hacks I suspect nowhere is really worth trusting that much.

Posted by: LoLo Jul 20 2011, 11:00 PM

I am totally with you there. I've been spending the last few months trying to distill a life time's worth of hoarding down to 52 cubic feet to be shipped to the UK.

Good luck with your move and changing all of your information.

Posted by: Phantom Jul 21 2011, 12:52 PM

Maybe 'Gemeente Breda' has a digital web base to do that. I know in Tilburg I can do a lot of that stuff digitally.
You should obtain a 'DigiD' if you can do that as a foreigner. At least get information about it.

DigiD stands for digital identification. You can easily manage a lot of stuff with it, it does contain a lot of information
about you unfortunately but it is easier than always have to fill in every bit of paperwork on your desk.

hope this helps, for the rest if you need a hand with moving you know where to find me ^^
otherwise good luck with it smile.gif

Posted by: Cath Sparrow Jul 22 2011, 06:35 PM

Good luck hope it's not to traumtic.

Posted by: Mata Jul 23 2011, 11:00 PM

I'll keep an eye out for the DigiD stuff, thanks smile.gif

In the meantime, I've completely failed to get around to telling most important places that I'm moving, but after several 13 hour+ days of painting the house is definitely liveable. Tonight I finally got the last of the newly plastered walls painted, which was my goal before moving in. I'm absolutely shattered and my body hates me - lots of exercise, bad food, and breathing in paint fumes all day all combine to create a very unhappy digestive system! Blarg! Still, only a couple more days and it will all be sorted.

I think the move should be relatively easy. I've got a lot of things already at the new place, the big stuff is being moved by a company, and I've still got the flat for another three weeks - if this doesn't make a stress-free move then I don't know what will. Compared to this time last year, moving to a new country, this should be easy! (Famous last words #7936)

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