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Posted by: Cath Sparrow Nov 18 2011, 04:23 PM

As most of you know I broke my leg a couple of weeks back. This was done with my awsome stair usage skills (I fell off a step...). I've since been in hospital for the last 2.5 weeks after 2 operations one of which involved an awsome cyber boot (there are pic's seeing as that went during the second operation) and got out on Wednesday afternoon. I'm now at home and after a couple of day's of recouperation feel I have the mental ability to be able to write this (I have the consentration of a flea alot of the time due to meds but no more morphine Booo!)

This was going to be a thank you for all the love and support I've had off alot of you since I broke my leg but I thought you might also like a bit more of a run down of what has happened in the last couple of weeks because it's been fairly interesting in it's self. To start with what I managed to do. I broke both bones just above the ankle on my right leg, this was at a diagonal angle with the bottom of the break just going into the top of the ankle joint (the xray's are cool to look at! I want to try and get copies). The Paramedics just thought it was a broken ankle and I'd be back out by sunday evening (I broke it a lunchtime), but no I had to do better than that. So they put me in a half cast called a back slab and sent me to a ward. You would think it would be the orthopedics ward but nah, I got to go to a surgical ward that specialised in bowels. So I got to learn alsort of stuff for the 1st week about bowel surgeries. It was quite a nice ward actually I was in a small bay with just 3 other ladies who you could converse with (one taught me to crotchet), with a nice view out the window, an awsome electric bed which I could put at just the right position, a good view of the coridor and just round the corner from the nurses bay, so got to lie there listening to stuff I probably shouldn't be hearing but was to interesting to ignore. The tuseday evening of the first week I was taken to surgery (after some earlier confusion with the doctors as to what was happening) to have a frame put on this was to help with redusing the inflamation at they would be able to do the final operation more successfully with less inflamation. After that operation was done the physioterrorist came along to try and get me on to crutches (I'm not very good with them).

Anyhow the following Monday they finially got me a bed in orthopedics (Boooooo!). The orthopedic ward is is where the emergency bone repairs go and what you need to take into consideration is ALOT of these are old people. I have nothing against old people accept being trapped on a ward with 6 people where 3-4 of them are cant hold a conversation because they are that far into senility (trust me it can get to anyone after a while). Lady 1 was your classic little old lady she was very well spoken but didn't quite know where she was and toward the end of her stay started taking umbridge with the nurse who she felt were treating her as if she were 'Dolallypop' because she was demanding to know where her shoes were at midnight because she was surposed to be meetting with her friends for a nice lunch (she went back to her nusing home a couple of days after I was moved there).

Lady 2 wasn't exactly senile just very frail (to be blunt she looked a bit like a corpse which seeing as all she did was lie in bed because the couldn't do much else with her, didn't help with this image). You would think she would be the one to cause me the least annoyance, but no I think she was the one that wound me up the most and I'm a pretty paitient and layed back person mostly. She would lie there monotamously muttering about what ever she needed doing and this was all day and night and if noone answered her within about 5mins of the start of this she would start adding in thing about the nurses doing it to her on purpose, even though there wasn't likely a nurse in earshot to here she needed something because they were in another bay helping another paitient and offen 5mins after her needs had been taken care of she'd start again with somthing new. I'm afraid this was the one paitient I got exsaperated with slightly (not abusive or anything just a bit straighter with her than others).

Lady 3 came in the same day I went down for my 2nd operation and was apparently quite lucid. I never saw this because by the friday morning she was losing the plot (we found out later she's developed a water infection). This lady was facinating to watch because she was halucinating a full on conversation with someone called jim complete with hands gesturing to things. At one point she she was using her hot chocolate to wash her sheets (very carefully mind) at this point I felt it was a good time to call the nurse. She was just starting to recover on the last day I was there.

Lady 4 was actually pretty friendly and you could hold a conversation with her, but she had tendency to pull out which they needed to give her introvenous antibiotics. The crown on this was when she pulled out a which she'd had inserted earlier that day and had been told spesifically not to touch 30mins before. The others on the ward were fine but I'd lost my view and had lost my awsome electric bed for a rather Meh electric bed.

Anyhow the 2nd operation I lost my interesting cyber boot and am back to the back slab till next thurday when they check the wounds from the operation and remove the stitches (I'm hopeing to get some more interesting photo's at this point tongue.gif), but I now have a bunch of pins and plates in my leg which didn't end up going in where the surgeion originally intended as the bone was to thin in places. So rather than up the side of my leg it had to go inbetween the bones (told you I went and did it proper).

The only eventfull bit after this is that they moved me yet again on the monday after the 2nd surgery but this time to another local hospital (bed space stuff) where I lost the electric beds completely but got a nice view again and then came home on the Wednesday.

Anyhow back to the original reason for the topic. I want to say thank you so much for the texts, good wishes, love, hugs and AWSOME card you guy's all sent me. They have ment alot to me over the last couple of weeks. I got the card on one of the down day after my 2nd op. Something I discovered about operations have never had any before this is that about 24hrs afterward all the nerve blocks start wearing off and you either haven't quite taken enough pain killers or their not quite strong enough to counter the blocks wearing off, it was one of these day's I got the card so it really helped cheer me up.

Love and hugs to you all and many thanks

(this went a little longer than expected.....)

Posted by: Pikasyuu Nov 18 2011, 07:31 PM

we love you SO MUCH cath! you're one of the biggest pieces of matazone, and having you gone even for a little while was really easy to notice..we missed you a lot and i'm just glad that you're a little better..and you apparently have some stories too!
the old ladies sound weird to watch. not sure if i would have handled that as well as you.

if you have any more hospital stories, share 'em. this sounds like it was a pretty crazy journey for you!

Posted by: Mata Nov 18 2011, 10:14 PM

Senility is probably the one thing that really frightens me.

Lovely to have you back in the world of binary, Cath. How long do they think before you can play the violin?

Posted by: Cath Sparrow Nov 19 2011, 10:44 AM

Yeh it's some thing that petrafies me to but I dont think it's something that runs to heavily in my family from what I can tell from my grandparents. My grandma is 92 and still very sharp so this give me hope for my future on that front.

Well I started to learn as a kid so I'm sure I can remeber some of what to do. I wonder if I could get past Twinkle Twinkle Little Star this time. tongue.gif

Posted by: Mata Nov 19 2011, 03:05 PM

Q: How does a frog feel when he has a broken leg? A: Unhoppy.

Posted by: Vicatron Nov 21 2011, 07:08 PM

Thank you for posting all of that. I'm glad you're feeling well enough to give us such a complete run-down. Take your time getting better, slow is okay if it gets you to a hundred percent.

Posted by: Cath Sparrow Nov 24 2011, 03:49 PM

Well I now have a sexy purple cast on my leg. I would have taken some pic's of it before they put the new cast on but my subconsious threw a hissy fit and made me go all faint and queasy. My consiousness was all 'Oooooo! looky at that. I've a scar there and one there and well I wasn't expecting the heel to be full of blood (dried up) but it makes sence'. But my subconsious went 'Ooo.... having none of that. Blarghl'.

Posted by: Mata Nov 25 2011, 04:38 PM

Dammit! We wanted queasiness inducing pictures!

Posted by: Cath Sparrow Nov 25 2011, 04:51 PM

Wasn't that bad. I have an interesting collection of about 7 (or 9 depending if the 3 from the pins in the top of my leg are seperate or just 1 scar) most of them small but 2 long ones and still a fair amount of bruising obviously. But something about the situation and I guess actually seeing what had been under the bandages didn't agree with me.

Posted by: BigMistake Nov 25 2011, 07:17 PM

That reminded me when they opened up my foot, full of blood as well. I didn't pass out or anything, but I was pretty grossed out. Kept the pictures though tongue.gif

Posted by: Cath Sparrow Jan 5 2012, 06:05 PM

I had my cast taken off today. I was expecting to be given some other suport for my leg (one of those boot splint things or some such) but no it's just me and my leg. So at the moment I'm still feeling a bit freaked by this situation. I'm still not to put full weight on it for another month but have a phsio appointment on tues so will be able to get a better idea of what I can do with it.

First I went to have the cast cut open so they could xray it. So what they did was cut it with their little saw down both sides (which tickles like hell because it sends vibrations through all the cast) so there's a top and a bottom and then tape it back together whilst they send you for xrays. So at this point I still haven't seen what's going on with my leg.

Then I go to xray and they take off the cast but because of the table I cant properly see what's going on but am starting to get an incling especialy when the ladt goes to the bin to knock the dead skin out of the cast before they put it back round my leg for the trip tp go see the doctor.

I finally get to the doctor and she whips off the cast chucks it in the bin and I get to see Zombie leg properly. There was some rather large flakes of skin hanging off and I was leaving a trail behing me as I went from more of it being rubed off on things. I've now soaked it and hopefully knock off a fair amount. But I did take pics before I washed it. tongue.gif

I was also picking off none disolved soluble stitches which was fun.

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