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Posted by: Mata Dec 31 2011, 04:50 PM

This is a bit of a Chips Resolutions thread in disguise.

Things I did manage to do in 2011:
Buy a cat
Buy a house (and decorate said property without making it explode or dissolve)
Improve my (art) painting skills
Finish my first year of teaching

Things I didn't manage to do:
Edit my novel
Get around to selling any paintings

So, I guess those are on the list for things to do next year. What are your plans?

Posted by: CrazyFooIAintGettinOnNoPlane Dec 31 2011, 06:02 PM


make some more friends somehow
make some things
complete as many free online courses as possible in jan/feb (did 2 from stanford this year)
find a new job?
go visit family/friends that don't live here

Posted by: LoLo Dec 31 2011, 06:48 PM

Things I did...

Got involved in a serious relationship
Changed my course from one in the US to one in the UK
Moved out of my mom's house finally
Moved to the UK
Met a lot of new people
Went through culture shock of a different kind
Got a smart phone

Things I didn't do...

Get a job
Finish school (though that wouldn't have been for a few more years anyway if I had stayed)
Change my ringtone
(those are my plans for this year too, except maybe the ringtone)

Posted by: Mata Jan 1 2012, 01:07 PM

I've remembered that I didn't travel much (going back to the UK doesn't really count much). I'm definitely going to rectify that this year!

Posted by: BigMistake Jan 1 2012, 04:22 PM

Things I did:

Enrolled in another course so I'll be stuck doing that for (hopefully) another 4 years
Moved out

That's pretty much it sleep.gif'

Things I probably should do in 2012

Start working out
Game less
Work more on material for my cv (writing Game Design Documents already)

Posted by: Ashbless Jan 1 2012, 07:24 PM

Things I did:

Saw some old friends this past summer that I hadn't seen in years.
Met the children of said friends. May they continue to embrace their awesome.
Lurked on Facebook and the forums. ph34r.gif

Things I didn't do:

Get to the gym much, if at all.
Patch things up with my Father.
Spend time with my older brother and his family. sad.gif
Do anything about being single. laugh.gif

Things I hope to do this year:

Spend some time, on-line if nothing else, with older brother's family.
Pay off more debt.
Hit the gym. tongue.gif
Make people wonder if I'll lying when I tell them how many years this birthday will be. (I'll be going dancing to celebrate and you are totally invited)

Posted by: mooooooooooopo Jan 1 2012, 08:40 PM

Things I did:
Lurk in IRC
Found people to play badminton with
Started going mountain biking fairly regularly
Got into geocaching
Stuck to my new years resolution of making roughly one game prototype a month
Got my name in the credits of two 80+ Metacritic games
Scratch built some radio control planes (and a couple of kits)

Things I didn't do:
Visit family often enough
Post on the forums regularly
Build a decent workbench

Things I hope to do this year:
Start going rock climbing again
Build a decent workbench
Join my local RC flying club
Finish and maybe release one of my game projects

Posted by: Pikasyuu Jan 2 2012, 02:36 AM

things i did:
- found a job i loved
- had a boss i loved
- grew out my hair
- went brunette
- went blond again
- got a little more into fashion
- earned my first professional job that required my license doing something i genuinely enjoy& see myself doing for a long time
- gave professional advice constantly and actually knew what i was talking about
- quit a job
- held two jobs
- got three new mice
- lost two that i'd gotten the year prior
- started a nailpolish collection
- cut off all of my hair for the first time
- lost a handful of friends and one romantic interest due to irreconcilable differences
- earned the nickname 'the hand of justice'
- greatly widened my tv-on-dvd collection (if i order, mata, they'll be from your links)
- dodged a trip to st. thomas
- lost my remaining and very beloved grandmother whose inheritances saved me from huge financial problems twice
- had a valuable and sentimental item stolen for the first time (my birthday ipod touch, later replaced with part of my inheritance)
- got an amazing vulture
- started anti-anxiety medication
- got into my first fantasy tv and book series, Game of Thrones

what i didn't do(yet):
- write my thank you notes on time
- properly lose weight

what i hope to do:
- grow out my hair again very quickly
- properly lose weight
- keep my mice healthy and happy
- buy a new desk, bookshelf, and chest of drawers (will be ordering the desk this friday:
- go higher at my current favorite job
- if not, simply remain there happily
- switch my second job out with one i hate less that has a larger paycheck
- make lots of tips
- move out
- find a room mate i would live with well
- make sure everyone i love knows how much i love them

Posted by: gothictheysay Jan 2 2012, 03:27 AM

Things I Did:
-Continue to bond with my awesome and amazing roommate/gay best friend
-Got arrested
-Got my heart broken For Real
-Hospitalized myself
-Improved with my friends' support and an amazing therapist
-Accidentally lit a car on fire and burnt its inside to a crisp with a cigarette ash
-Quit a job
-Explored casual sex
-Bonded with my closest straight male friend and told him he was the brother I never had
-Started to let go of said heart-breaker
-Started to eat better (at least until the holidays)
-Published a literary journal
-Graduated college
-Got rejected, and boy did it sting

Didn't do:
-Reach out to my older sister more
-Exercise enough
-Call my grandma more

Should/have to:
-The three above
-Continue reconciling love life/depression issues
-Get a "real" job/move
-Possibly go back to therapy
-Eat better

Posted by: elphaba2 Jan 5 2012, 08:38 AM


this thread is too alluring for me to keep being absent. gothic, you sound like a right badass (but also I hope all is well!)

things i did
- stopped complaining about things behind closed doors & slept in a hammock in a tree & served soup to occupiers
- got really fing good at making soup
- told a story in public to a room full of strangers
- made some new friends
- shaved my head
- ran away to scotland and spain for a few days
- got a decent job / lost (?) a decent job
- wrote some things i liked
- got a zillion percent better at french

things i did not do
- take care of my house
- hand anybody else my soggy heart
- send out anything i liked to be published
- make any headway on marvelous plan to bike to buenos aires

things i'm gonna do
- new job! or old job back! not picky! just a job!
- bike all day all night all places, the metro is way too hot and everyone is unpleasant
- climb&swim&eat greens & be powerful in general
- tackle the Immigration Dragon

things i'm not gonna do
- quit smoking because i'd like to take myself by surprise when quitting, and also because i'm going to need all the cigarettes in the world to put up with smoker-friends who have decided to quit for new year's.

Posted by: gothictheysay Jan 6 2012, 07:13 PM

aw thanks elph. and yes, all is pretty well right now smile.gif Good luck if you try to get anything published - I figured I would try submitting some of my poetry around, so I'm going to see if that works!

Posted by: Mata Jan 7 2012, 08:58 AM

In an odd turn of events, I'm in the planning stages of a co-authored factual book on security techniques. I might end up trying to get that published instead!

I'm rather enjoying reading everyone's plans.

Posted by: CrazyFooIAintGettinOnNoPlane Jan 7 2012, 03:26 PM

wha? how did that come about? and why can't I read your novel yet mad.gif

Posted by: BigMistake Jan 7 2012, 06:08 PM

QUOTE (Mata @ Jan 7 2012, 09:58 AM) *
In an odd turn of events, I'm in the planning stages of a co-authored factual book on security techniques. I might end up trying to get that published instead!

I'm rather enjoying reading everyone's plans.

Security techniques as in physical security of digital security? /me is intrigued

Posted by: Mata Jan 8 2012, 09:25 PM

Physical security. My best friend works in the trade and it became increasingly clear that between his experience and insight and my communication/body language knowledge we've got something quite decent. It's not a bestseller by any means, but it could stop someone from getting stabbed, so that's worth doing.

Sorry, the novel *will* happen. I'm hoping to get time to work on that this year. It's written, it just needs polishing (and an agent, and a publishing deal...).

Posted by: Yannick Jan 9 2012, 05:34 AM

Things I Did:
Started larping!
Became less of a Facebook addict.
Got a smart phone.
Stopped smoking and drinking in non-social settings.
Made quite a few good new friends.
Cut down on internet forum use.
Told my mom I like girls. (She called me a liar. Meh.)
Realized that cops are c*nts after getting arrested over a text message about cops being c*nts.
Got stoned with people old enough to be my grandparents, while they talked about their sex life. It was beautiful.
Let my friend dread my hair.
Became paged to an awesome knight.
Started dating one of my best friends.
Moved. Twice.
Spent a week living in a fantasy realm.
Discovered Words With Friends.
Stopped hating on the theists.

...All of that was from like October onward. My memory is failing me at the moment.

Things I Didn't Do:
Improve my grades after that one semester (now two semesters >_>) of completely screwing off. I get to fix that tomorrow, hopefully.
Discover a legitimate medical excuse for the major lethargy.
Read anywhere near as much as I would have liked to.
Stop procrastinating.
Exercise anywhere near enough (gym membership now though, woo).
Sleep with a married woman (rather proud of this one. Self restraint ftw.)

Things I Hope to Do:
Break off my current relationship. *sigh*
Win a tournament (at least at shire level).
5.0 GPA. When I say my grades sucked last semester, I don't mean B's lol. Fml.
Live up to my belt line's expectations.
Hit the gym regularly.
Hang out with my best friend.
Renew my passport.
Expunge my record.
Get along with my mother.
Gracefully leave being a teenager behind and assume adulthood. :3
...Job? Maybe.

Posted by: Daria Jan 11 2012, 12:08 AM

Izzy, you're not allowed to be an adult. That would mean I've grown up too, and that's not possible, surely? (Maaan, I'm 24 this year o.o)
Things I did this year
Broke up with boyfriend, got two concurrent partners, happyfaced and poly
Had my mental health do loop the loops and got diagnosed with cylothymia
Got pregnant, had a very swift termination. Dealt with feelings and gained Feminist EXP
Started cycling EVERYWHERE! Got all these previously known muscles bulging out of my legs.
Lost weight without meaning to
Got a diagnosis, finally, for the recurring abdominal pains: endometriosis
(Got three new scars from the diagnostic surgery)
Got "Pinky" and "The Brain" tattooed in Times New Roman under my right and left scars, respectively
Got an IUS fitted and found out I have a crooked uterus (kinky, ho ho ho >_>)
Re-sat a half year of uni, only to have more problems and worse attendance than the first time round
Had Parsnip, my black cat, find herself a new home a few houses up the street
Got driven into by a car at traffic lights. Had my first taste of terror at how big and dangerous cars are.
Met an incredible group of people this year and made so many new friends. Set up a local feminist group with some of them
Fell in love with Tuneyards

Things I didn't do this year
Write my thesis: instead I re-sat half the year
Re-take half the year and improve on last year's attempt
Have any money
Send Christmas cards

Things I hope to do
Graduate in the winter
Win compensation from the police
Go to Stockholm via train
Get CBT and start being a bit more stable in my mood

Posted by: Lurker in the Park Jan 11 2012, 10:10 PM

I'll be 30. 30 godsdammit!

Things I did this year
Got promoted
Bought a new kayak
Bought a new (old) car
Lived in Essex for a month
Went kayaking in the Alps
Went to a LOT of gigs
Became a kayaking/canoeing coach
Moved to SW London
Got an awesome hat for my birthday

Things I didn't do this year
Get out in the new boat much

Things I hope to do this year
Go to the Alps again
Get the car fixed
Pay the car off
Get a gf (mail order?)
Go to more gigs
Get a pension (for tax reasons)
Stay chilled

Posted by: Yannick Jan 12 2012, 12:24 AM

QUOTE (Daria @ Jan 10 2012, 09:08 PM) *
Izzy, you're not allowed to be an adult. That would mean I've grown up too, and that's not possible, surely? (Maaan, I'm 24 this year o.o)

If you have any postponing methods, I'm all ears. tongue.gif

Growing up isn't always a bad thing...

Posted by: Daria Jan 12 2012, 11:44 AM

Yeah, I do the whole OH GOD, TIME PASSES! HOW DID I NOT NOTICE?! routine, but actually I'm pretty happy to be whatever age I am. I'm a product of my experiences, and I'm fairly happy with that product happy.gif

Posted by: Mata Jan 12 2012, 11:48 AM

Growing older seems to be working out pretty well for me so far. I'm not sure I'll ever actually 'grow up' though smile.gif

Posted by: leopold Jun 30 2014, 12:51 PM

Things I did in 2011:
Had some major back pain and spasms
Had Mata refer to me in one of his comics
Discovered "Morning Dew"
Watched my team actually win something for the first time ever!
Found out the back pain/spasms were due to a prolapsed disc in the base of my spine.
Also discovered I have sciatica as a result.
Discovered I'm allergic to hemp

Things I didn't do:
Post on here
Witness the apocalypse
Change job

Things I hope to do:
Complete the 81 more posts I need to overtake Cheese is Funny

Posted by: Mata Jul 6 2014, 09:28 PM

Have we actually discovered yet if cheese actually is funny?

Posted by: leopold Jul 25 2014, 01:34 PM

After realising I was tantalisingly close to overtaking CiF, I recalled doing some research on the subject of the humour potential of dairy-based produce back in 2003. Unfortunately, in the last 11 years a lot of things have changed and all the paper research had gone, along with most of the computerised study data I'd accumulated. However, I did find a summary buried on a long-forgotten disc and this is a snippet which I feel covers the bases adequately enough:

Following extensive testing on various types of cheese, I summarise my findings thus:
1) Cheese has no sense of humour. When exposed to humour-based events, such as joke-telling, pratfalls or irony, cheese does not change state. Even when confronted with recent comedy star Peter Kay's line about cheesecake.

2) After four hours of monitoring cheese, nothing of a humorous nature transpires, meaning cheese is not likely to make for a witty raconteur at a party.

3) The test group responses to cheese related whimsy were mainly around the response of others to cheese, such as a child tasting Stilton for the first time, or one occasion where a block of cheese had been thrown and hit someone in an hilarious location (and by this I mean testicles, rather than Grimsby). Nobody reported any instances of when cheese was the source of frivolity.

4) When left for several weeks out of the refrigerator, cheese does start to display some jocular characteristics:
-a- Some of the cheeses, such as the Cheddar and Double Gloucester, displayed lots of mould, which some people said would make it taste funny.
-b- The Stilton didn't appear to be any mouldier for it's extended time outside the fridge, but it did taste quite good.
-c- The Gorgonzola appeared to be in a different location to where it was left, which turned out to be the presence of maggots which had taken up residence. One of the test group found this funny, but everyone else thought it to be "disgusting"

In conclusion, I can report that cheese is not inherently funny. However, if the reader enjoys humour that is either in bad taste or disgusting, then over time certain types of cheese could be construed as "funny".

So I guess cheese is funny if you like Frankie Boyle or Chubby Brown, but other than that, it's not.


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