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Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat
33 years old
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Snug as a bug in my bed
Born Mar-3-1984
I'm very interested in forewarding my apathetic tendencies, possibly towards an artistic level, but I'm not really worried about it that much.

Apart from that I'm quite verbal about getting anti-sarcasm recognised as a viable media for entertainment.

Thankyou for reading.
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12 Mar 2005
... Because I'm never going to get any work done now! It rocks!

Brought it on the Thursday night midnight opening thing. I could've waited but it was quite a novelty to do that, of course in Bognor Regis it wasn't like there was any lines anyway.

Got it home, out of the package, hmm.. bit bigger than I remembered started it up. Ooh Yeah!

I don't find the touchscreen at all gimmicky, it is a well worked in way to play games, on the Metroid Demo it played almost like a keyboard-mouse combo on a PC and is easily the best FPS I've played on any 'console' platform!

I also got SuperMario DS with it, absolutley amazing, due to the small screen and higher resoluton it remarkably resembles Mario Sunshine on the GameCube.

The nice people at the store, (who I'm doing my best to get chummy with) also gave me a free 'Touch me' t-shirt! I'm a fanboy! WHOOO!
8 Mar 2005
I'm only going to put a little bit in here but I wanted to get peoples views. Its just a short essay I'm writing for Theology, but its really got me thinking.

Is it possible to have a just war?

Not only that but what about 'just' weapons? is a sword more 'just' than a nuclear bomb?

I'll put more on from my research when I can get my head in gear, it feels a bit wonky at the moment.
25 Feb 2005
Heya all! jeez, I hadn't even thought about the forums for ages what with one thing and another, until Cand caught me on messenger and beat me six ways from Sunday!

How is everyone anyway, I know I haven't seen you guys for years upon years upon the basis of restructuring Chechnya and considering I was a major lurker anyway I wouldn't be surprised if some of ya had forgotten about me. But tell me how you are, I want to know!
3 Jan 2004
Heya everybody! long time no speak! I've decided to use up this valuable web space and all of these pretty letters by talking to you about my wonderful wonderful scarf. I asked my Mum, sometime before I got back home from University for the holidays, if she would knit me a nice long scarf, so that I may wrap myself up and stay nice and warm and stuff!

Well, come Christmas day I recived the wonderful scarf, and I found that my darling mother had outdone herself in the knitting stakes. Now to describe it.. its very thick and wide.. about two foot wide when stretched out, yet its the length that is really outstanding.. Now, I'm about 6'3" - 6'4" and I can wrap the scarf once round my neck and both ends can still reach my ankles! I guesstimate that it's about 8 - 10 foot long... Oh, and its bright red!

MMhhmm.. So warm biggrin.gif
28 Aug 2003
I'm in pain! but for you to understand, I'd have to tell the full story, don't worry, tis pretty short.

On Thursday last I decided that I should re-live my boyhood youthiness by climbing a tree... I picked a nice big one and started my vertical adventure. Well, I got really high up, and ran out of tree.. so I decided, as you do, to start going back down. about three quarters of the way down I ran out of hand/foot holes so I decided to jump the last eight foot. Now, here I must inform you that (touch wood) I have never broken a bone and consider myself to be quite resilient (fallen twenty five feet onto my back and walked away.. fell fifteen feet onto concrete after falling through a roof only to walk away again.. you get the picture) so I jumped, as I landed I knew something was wrong.. mainly cause I was in a hell of a lot of pain, I'd sprained my bloody ankle.. it flamed up in under a minute.. so after gathering my stuff I hobbled home.

Now. the reason for my pain.. my ankle really really itches, I know I shouldn't scratch so I'm writing this instead to stop me... oh god its soo itchy... Not fair sad.gif stoopid ankle....

write write write.

I want sympathy! Please?

edit: Ooh I just realised this is the third ever thread I've started! Whooo!
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