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Lord of darness
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I like anime, Web comics, Games, I own a web comic, and most of all POCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and dragons, GTA, Swords, Music, Guns, Art, The mid evil time period, Jap things in general, Langs, and NO SCHOOL!!
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Lord of darness

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23 Nov 2004
Well you all know I am insain but I figured I owuld give you some exsamples. Here is a story I wrote for german class and I am acully turning in tomarrow. (and I have a copy in german as well) if you are easlly confused or hate insanity tunr back now.

Once Lucky the leprechaun ran from the kids who hunted him for his sweet sweet lucky charms. Lucky ran until he came to a rainbow and tried to climb it in order to get to the saftey of his pot of gold. However the rainbow turned into Skittles and no matter how many magic marshmellow shapes Lucky used, nothing could stop him from tasting the rainbow. When Lucky regained conciousness he had nothing but a can of Sprite. The Sprite commanded him to "Obey your thirst!" and he went on a killing spree with the Hamburgeler and Trogdor the Burninator. After Lucky saited his insane thirst for human blood, he ate a Taco and went home. He lived happily ever after with the Taco Bell dog.

Happy End!
26 Sep 2004
I was trying to find out if anyone knew japenese or enough of itto tell me what the symbles for "god of gaming" would be.

I cant seem to finda translator that works and I dont know anyone that knows japense.... so dose anyone here know?
18 Sep 2004
Well I been playing a game called gun bound for osme tine now. I have gained a lot of powerfull stuff for my guy but one of my frends claes he is going to die in 3 days (well it's a 97% change he will die) and he wants to get a full avatar before he dies. I cant diside what to do I could help him but I owuld loss all that I have work for and in the end it could all be a scam to get my stuff which has happened in the past (I have been scammed htere) but also I care about my frend and dont want him to die with a wish not being done.......

He told me to pass jugement on this like he wasnt dieing but I dont really see how I could. I couldnt take it if I found out he really died and that I could have helpped him before he did... But I also dont want to be gotten by someone else. ALso I am his last hope becouse no one else will help him.... what do you think I should do?
21 Aug 2004
Are you reallllllyyyyyy bored? well I have something for you to do. I have here a collection of all the working quizes I have taken in a year that I recoarded at least. I will put up my answers becouse it took long enough to get them all. Some may be duplicates though most of them with the same name was me just not taking their real name but just putting what it's about, same named quizes, or really the same quiz. with that being said here is the list of doom.

Insanity test It' probly made for girls (beocuse all the pictures are girls) but it works fine for men or it did when I took it.

Which person from DBZ are you?

What is your nickname?

what type of smile are you?

Which person from Yu Yu hakusho are you?

What animal personality are you?

What type of anime charictor are you?

Which Xmen charictor are you?

Who are you?

What's your personality type

What color is your hert?

What feeling do oyu reprecent?

What sign from the black zodiac are you?

Which matrix charictor are you?

What link (from zelda) are you?

What element do you most identify with?

Which of my orignal fantisy charictors do you represent?

what FFX charictor are you?

Are you addicted to the internet?

Are you an evil genius?

What type of dragon are you?

What type of soul do you have?

What type of swordsman are you?

What part of hell will you go to?

What movie do you belong in?

what highschool stereotype are you?

What type of soul do you have?

What emotion are you?

What personality disorder do you have?

What type of wings are you?

ok that is the list tell me if there are any NONSPELLING ERRORS!!!!!!!!!!
22 Jun 2004
IF you shoot a mime would you need a scilencer??? lol (something funny I read somewhere)
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